Bilawal Bhutto , Zardari helped first by Trump admst stance on IMF package and second warning to MQM is direct and serious challenge to Imran as PM candidate

  • Many years back some one close to Benazir told us that bilawal when in UAE and young had two tutors dedicated to his training in leadership mainly to explain things without annoying , it appears that for most of last two years he forgot this however during current campaign he has argued on TV ads in a sensible fashion . Secondly his she touch was lately a bit less . Anyway he had the guts to ask for resignation of chief election commissioner and Saqib Nisar did not have the guts to challenge directly neither the CEC . Now PPP has made clear that MQM can either join provincial administration of Imran khan's federal one , this is tough stance , and when combined with US threat to IMF , this is very serious development for Imran . Without solving funding issues of next government imran has NO Chance of becoming PM at all or for long . Asad Umar is no answer for economic woes of pakistan , and neither is sheerin Mazari a answer for diplomatic isolation . It is not possible for Imran khan to go without either PPP or PMLN and there is no chance of acceptance of this election unless and grand coalition forms . Bilawal /Zardari close to McCaine etc are a tough pill for not only Imran but for military with empty coffers. The PM ship of Imran is uncertain inspite of 99% thinking of it as fait accompli unless some issues are solves in time .