There is not going to be any PM Imran khan unless it is decided first who will fund pakistani financial crisis and hence delay .

  • The plight of Imran is well examplified by a Baluch Sardar's refusal to call at Banigala and his insistence that anyone body who has to come can come and meet him at his place . Instead of taking a principled democratic stance that largest parties have options to rule like PTI in centre and PMLN in punjab and PPP in Sindh , Imran has embarked on horse trading a buying politics , helped by FIA , others . This is no Naya pakistan . But the biggest problem being faced by Imran is that there is no funder for his government in this economic crisis . He annoyed Saudis and UAE by his stance on Yemen , his blocking of chinese president state visit by dharna , his vague stance on west , all this adds to no foreign policy , So not surprisingly , Saudis , Chinese , Japanese , UK (his other home ) are meeting him and thinking but biggest spanner is USA threat about blocking IMF . If chinese saudis or west is not going to help economically where will be the money his supporters and voters hope they will get . I do not see Imran becoming PM on his terms at all . He will be either just a showpiece PM of agencies or stooge of power which will fund his regime . Overall in economic terms our only refuge is privatization in full of oil , aviation , railways , steel and other state so called businesses which lose 1100 billion a year . Even Nawaz could not do it as PPP, JI and many others including army has interest in these state ventures , so we are to be begging bowl to fund a army of civil servants and semiautonomous bodies . What little stability is there is being ruined by Saqib Nisar by strange suo motos . already where dam is to built in People have panicked .