If Imran would need PPP support Qureshi might be the PM instead .

  • With ever more confusion like CEC under great criticism , Imran considerably short of sure members needed for government in punjab and centre both , and being unlike Nawaz and Benazir not openly sponsored by Saudia and USA , Imran is not heading to path of PM at all . He has to drop punjab project to become PM . Then Asad Umar is not performing , his vague comments on IMF package and now bonds , all is not reassuring that any outside power wants to fund such regime . Putting it in ordinary terms , it all adds up to this , while Nawaz and Benazir were dhulans with a dowry , Imran has no dowry giver . A more likely candidate for PM ship is Qureshi and he knows it that Imran is going to need PPP support which is his former party .