Shehbaz is not falling into trap of political and ethnic rivals : PMLN government in punjab is real possibility

  • A close look at PTI supporters reveals that two groups are in the forefront , the Pashtoons and the young punjabis . PMLN on the other hand represents interests of inner city traders and rural networks . Generally despite 90% media working full time has not been able to reduce PMLN from Punjab at all , it is still the largest party and democratically most eligible to form
    government if fair play was the fair word to follow , but Imran is full speed horsetrading and openly so , no principles at meal time
    We punjabis see this protest against elections as genuine but if Shebaz were to fall prey to again MMA led or Baluchi pashtun led protest , he can even miss on punjab government . Imran is stuck up , he is a dullan with no dowry , he is not Benazir whose backers will fund economic crisis like Saudis did for Nawaz and USA showed as having intentions for Benazir , this means he has no financial plan and Bajwa will make great economic mistake by allowing Imran to occupy centre and two provinces . I feel that that a the end of the day , there is more chance of likes of Qureshi as PM and of Babar Awan as president than Imran as PM and others as president . Without PPP or PMLN , either Imran cannot form government or it will not run . Imran is agencies lab to test theories of politics in pakistan . May work may not work . For the time being punjab should try to avoid PTI government to maintain ethnic balance in federation . Do not get fooled by Achakzai slogans and MMA .