Top 5 tourist’s attractions in Sharjah and, how to reach there from Dubai?

  • Sharjah, which gives a new meaning to the "emerging planet", is known as a paradise for artisans and heritage lovers. In fact, UNESCO declared itself in 1998 as a traditional capital of the Arab world for the city, as a declaration of a reasonable state of the United Arab Emirates in protecting the history of the Arabs. This makes the city a source of inspiration for artisans. So, Sharjah has offered you much more than you think. From fields and high plateaus to currents of sand and ocean, the radiant vibrations of the city attract visitors from all over the world, offering an important image of landscapes that amaze all the artists of the landscape of Sharjah. The main attractions are Kalba, the seafront of Al Majaz and Eye of the Emirates. It is an interesting place to enjoy children and families. Even if you come from Dubai and are looking for ways to position yourself every time in Sharjah? The easiest and easiest way to explore this mystical country is to rent a car in Dubai. It allows you to explore many places if you wish by a limited time and with maximum will.

    Khor Fakkan incredibly beautiful
    It looks like a shark and the most fascinating place in Sharjah has to visit this incredible beauty while using a car all day to make your job easier.

    Museum of Islamic Civilization Sharjah
    The museum has a large heritage collection with Arabic sculptures from ancient times. The historical rulers make a major tour of Sharjah each year. The museum is completely religious and deeply rooted in Arab culture.

    Sharjah Central Market
    Very famous with the name of Blue Souk, the Sharjah Central Market is one of the most beautiful experiences in the correction of the Arab market. This is how people buy more than 500 stores in the markets.

    Al Noor Mosque, Sharjah
    Al Noor Mosque is the most popular mosque in the United Arab Emirates for Muslims. It can accommodate 17,000 faithful in his yard. It was opened to the public in 2009 and is one of the fascinating places where ultimate peace and divine spirituality reign.

    Enjoy the sun at the water's edge of Al Majaz
    Al Majaz Waterfront is a large mare park where you can spend a fun and enjoyable day with your family, children, friends and family. This is a complete entertainment destination that offers rides, rollercoasters and more.