Another pkpolitics featured article against Zardari

  • We only see two themes on pkpolitics main page.

    *Corrupt Zardari

    *Ghaddar Altaf

    pkpolitics refuse to see or report any issues against n-league.

    *Nawaz Shareef’s complete silence over Kerry Lugar.

    *Nawaz Shareef’s rediculously false claims of his assets in election comission

    *Shabaz and Nisar’s chori chupay meeting with Kiyani

    *N-League’s sudden silence over Musharraf’s trial

    I have been noticing this trend for a long long time.

    This is going out of hand now and I refuse to be a prt of N-League propoganda machine.

  • Discussion forum i.e. awami headlines are for PML-N

    PK-Politics headlines i.e. offical headlines are for MQM and Zardari bashing

  • Another point to note that the phrases of Ghaddar, Traitor, Killer, Kafir, Agent, Corrupt... are very frequently being used for whom they hate, by some of respectable members without any documentary proof.

  • You have forgotten:

    Nawaz Sharif trying to sabotage bye elections and process of democracy.

    And same is already succesfully done to the local body system by Sharif family.

  • Zaramadari, If the shoe fit you must admit. Retarded demented lunatic, thief=Zaradari.

    Altaf=Criminal rapist.

    Shareef, hang him now.

    Mussarraf=Death by firing squad.American Dallal.

  • lol @migel9.

    Dude, please take a chill pill. You're super hyper.

    sab ko marr daloo g-ay tou bachay gaa kon?

  • B, my man..I am chilled and grilled and filled with love of

    pure land of Pakistan .Do you understand?Lol

    Sab ko naheen sirruff Ghudarroon koo..

  • "sab ko marr daloo g-ay tou bachay gaa kon?"

    If by sab you meant Bhangis then I can live with their hangings!


  • I agree, we need Operation Cleanup

    Not only the list above but also their relatives and other power families.

    Need to get rid of them to make space for a new generation ( not progeny ) of politicians

  • Bachaain jaingay wohi jo abtak bachtay aaiay hain

    Marain jaingay Awam