• For last 2 days you see an organized campaign by GEO TV against violent lawyers who like to take law in his own hands.

    I fully support this stance of print and electronic media on this issue but who will raise voice against blackmailing,hijacking,torturing of electronic and print media of Pakistan.when will see code of conduct by by print and electronic media.

    We would like too see a red line that no print and electronic MEDIA of Pakistan would not be allowed to cross

    at any cost!

    Enough is Enough bring no more word games

    we want to see that code of conduct in black white.Nobody

    is above the law even Electronic and print media of Pakistan.This is the only hope to stop these illegal ,baseless and unjustified media trails!!

  • MEdia and GEO is doing the right thing by raising its voice against violent lawyers. Here is a thread on this topic.


    and yes, acoutability of media is also important. We demand Jang group to disclose its total earnings and the amount of tax paid. Many of these media companies are tax defaulters but government cant dare to touch them. They blackmail government. Jang group did the same when Nawaz Sharif tried to investigate Jang group's tax paractices when he was prime minister.

    We demand transparency from JANG group.

  • I don't even think that pkpolitics has any right publish any thing online against journalist.The should go to courts and present their evidences there and after this they would start this media trial of journalists!

  • After Pasha London Plan, Pakistan media is on grand sale. Pasha Party emerged on lafafa media/social media with huge investments from Jews/India via SKMH accounts / Jemima Grant NGOs. It was lafafa media, which made Lucky Imrani Circus an issue by giving it hype. ARY and SAMA are Pasha Party media cells besides anchors like Kamran Khan (joined to shed away financial liabilities after quit of BOL), Kamran Shahid (Ex Actor Shahid son), Moeed Pirzada, Shahid Masood, Mubashir Lucman (trying to make 24 as Pasha Party media cell besides Nizami and Ghullam Hussian on Tareen funding), Mehr Bokhari, Gharida Farooqi, Jasmin. Enough is written on it.

    But besides all Pasha Party failed every where including Karachi, where Pasha Party is being replaced by Mustafa Kamal. So now all effort is on KPK Corruption icon Mr 60% (Pappu Niazi) interviews and criticism on Sharif family. Most common used is audit objections, all who have little knowledge of it, over 50% audit objects are raised during audit including audit of defense forces, 75% audit objects are cleaned after discussion with departmental head, remaining 25% objections are cleared in a year time as laid down in law. Audit authorities has to frame objections, otherwise people will make fun out of them, routine affair is made as something extraordinary by illiterate lafafa media.

    Asif Ali Zardari is in USA. Pasha Party is failed to fill vacuum, so once again western powers are trying to rebuild PPP besides funding Pasha Party too. Western think tanks are using old tactics, buy lafafa media of Pakistan and target PML N/Sharif Family. "Capital " channel is owned by the husband Sharmilla Farooqi, is PPP lafafa channel is no doubt. "Capital " channel did to boast PPP, but since people knows its relation with Zardari, so credibility was always questioned and though PPP was projected but with no benefit.

    Unfortunate with PML N is that firstly it has banned SS Fund for media from all ministries and secondly media loyal has been taken out of channels in politics. Consider bad on part of PML N, as PPP and Pasha Party lafafa media have gain over 80% strength in Pakistan media with only 20% or less still following Journalism ethics of neutrality.

    Purchase of lafafa media / anchors is on, latest "DAWN" has been bought by Asif Ali Zardari using Nusrat Javed skills. Now both "DAWN" channel and newspaper will be controlled by Hussian Haqqani with its media policy and propaganda themes. A cell has also been established in Abou Dubai (UAE) to launch lafafa social media campaign in lines with Pasha Party in near future.

    Now game is interesting as battle of lafafa media is on, though will both PPP and Pasha Party Lafafa media will not criticize each other. Both have to establish popularity to earn funding by criticizing PML N/Sharif Family. First target to both is whose lafafa media will be create wedge in civil military relations will earn bonus, a strength of Pakistan at present irritating west. Efforts will also be made to target Punjab Govt, energy projects and CPEC.

    Pasha Party is getting funding using SKMH accounts / Jemima Grant NGOs. Whereas Iranian/UAE based NGOs will be used to fund PPP lafafa media campaign will be controlled by Nusrat Javed, Kashnood Ali Khan and Hussian Haqqani.

    so war for superiority is on between PASHA PARTY LAFAFA MEDIA and PPP LAFAFA MEDIA.

    Who will take superiority, wait and see.........

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