USSR defeated.Nato+US defeat Undrway.Why Muslims need technology first??

  • Why we need technology first rather than tawakkul and than with resources available, to go out for fight.

    As with russians we were provided with oppertunities to exploit International enemity situation and we defeated Russians with alesson they can never forget.

    Now started with afghan Jihad with old weapons again Allah SWT provided us with International enemity oppertunity to exploit and the attackers were destroyed half in Iraq and remaining is abt to destroy in Afghanistan..

    This situation shud be an eye opener for the non-muslims and so-called muslims.That we dont need much than putting a trust upon ALLAH and taking minimum in hand we cannot be defeated by any dooper power...

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  • logical

    I like tell me more aap ki logical batain bohat achie hain. Us open tennis ka itna maza nahie araha jitna aap ki batoun ka maza a raha haie.

  • Agreed, The Kuffar are using technology to destroy themselves and the planet. The disasters from technology outweigh the benefits to mankind.

    Some Examples:

    Nuclear and other weapons: 75 Million killed WW I and II

    Environmnetal pollution

    Obesity and increase in cancer, AIDS

    Automobile exhaust leading to ozone depletion

    Global warming

    El Nino

    Demographic catastrophe due to fast/mechanical life

    Ecological disasters due to deforestation

  • I agree we should like in caves and start hunting gathering again. Who needs technology?

  • Goray naie internet or computer humaiy jihad maie hissa lanie saie roknaie kaie liye benaie hain. Humaiy ssab websites Arabic maie banaie chaiye english shitan ki zaban haie.

  • ya arabic maie website banaie mushkil haie tu aik do guray kidnap kar kaie bunwa lataie hain yeh phir innternet ban kar detaie hain electricity kaie saat. Goray ki saab chezoun pain lanat.

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  • Sure, Driving through an Indian reservation in Western US with a American co-worker made me sad lookin at the primitive and cave like existence. I expressed my feelings. To my surpise my friend said: "I bet they are more happy than me. All the gadgets and technology had spoiled us and not made us any better than them."

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  • driving bie ban kar dain gaie hum goray ki saab chezou pain lanat hum horses use karain gaie. Less global warming.

  • kidnap goray ko karain gaie video banaie kiae liya thread kidnap karnay ka koie faida nahie.

  • Logical, so purpose of a Pakistani life is to defeat USSR and NATO?

    Do you consider bhook, ghurbat, bayroozgaari, jahalat, beemari problems or not? If not then feel free to go around "defeating" USSR, NATO of the world. If you are still not satisfied then go around defeating India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Mangolia, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Chad, SPain, Monaco and as many countries you like.

  • bsobaid

    hum nato ko defeat kar kaie jaziya wasool kar saktaie hain. No problem.

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  • Nato naie Pakistan paie qabza kar kaie bohat zulam kiya haie. Kocch logical reaction hoona chaiye. Bohat zaroorie haie.

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  • geedar ki maut usay bricks ka dhair pir lejatie haie shehar to ursa howa tabah hu barbad h o gaie. achay maqsad kaie liya hum aur qurbaniya dain gaie ju kuch bacha haie wo bhie tuba h o jaie koie ghum nahie.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Before you give ALL credit of inventions to 'gore', let me remind you, that if you go 100-150 years back in history, gore had 1-5% contribution in science at MOST.

    ALL the inventions were from Muslims, between 610 - 1700

    The 'gore' 'used' knowledge WE Muslims gathered between 610 - 1700.

    I don't think 100 years of inventions based on the knowledge Muslims gathered over 800 years earns 'gore' the prestige that Muslims deserve MORE!!

    For those 800+ years inventions, contributions to science were dominated by Muslims

  • hariskhan

    Koie muslim invention bata dain go duniya maie koie use kar raha haie. Tv, Internet, car, planes, motorcycle, electricity, phone, fax, blub, cycle etc hum naie kiya banaiya haie. 610 - 1700 kaie beech kiya bena tha Please bata dain.