Talk Shows.....

  • aajkal her talk shows per koi na koi minister bare fakhar se apni party ki qurbanion ka zikar kerte hain ppp main jis kisi ne bhi jan ki qurbani di us ne tarka main itna chor diya hey ke saat pushtain bhi beth ker kha sakty hain ,magar us qurbani ka koi leader ya minister nahi soochta jo awam 62 saal se qurbanian de rahi hey awam apni khurak ke liye linon main lagy hey or dande bhi kha rahi ,agar kisi ne qurbani bhi di hey to us ka faida awam ko kiya mila hey kisi ke pass is sawal ka jawab???

  • sab se ganda kaam or insaan ki tarqai ka asal dushamn "siyasat" hai!


  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I agree. Sometimes I feel 'these' shows are 'just' a way of earning money, manipulating as well as controlling public opinion. Nothing more. Why? Because in most of them, they loose focus form the original topic. They give the ministers the chance to waste time talking about nothing.

    However, I would say this for Pakistan's people;

    **meri zindagi ka maqsad teri deen ki sarfaraazi

    main isi liye musalmaa'n, main isi liye namazi**

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Why do I feel its a way to manipulate as well as control public opinion?

    Because, none of the criminals are being prosecuted in the court of law.

    ALL!! of them are being presented in mass media as normal people

  • Jin leaderon ne qurbani di wo sari umar Paris ke mehengai ilaqon men rahtai hain. Un "BAICHARON" ke bachhai Cambridge Oxford main taleem lete hain. Wo do teen sal ham par hakoomat kartai hain aur phir waheen (yani Paris, London) chuttian guzarne chale jatai hain. Ham awam in logon se dhoka khatai rahai hain, khtai rahain gai. Aur ye "MAZLOOM"...

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Correction: ALL!! of them are being projected in mass media as normal, loyal, citizens of Pakistan

    ' logon se dhoka khatai rahai hain, khtai rahain gai..'

    What the heck? khate rahenge? yani abh bhi aur zyada dhoke khane ka shoq hai? abhi dhoke khane ka shoq poora nahi hua?

    Kaisi LAANAT main mubtala hain ham?

  • I think these shows are a one of the keys to change in the Politics of Pakistan. Day by day the public of Pakistan are getting aware about how great nations become great.

    The focus of their politics will not only be developmental works or giving job to the son or daughter of someone. I hope in the next decade this change is coming, people will give vote on the issues on which the people in the develop world vote. These shows are going to play a very important role in bringing this change.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I agree with this too. They have played a positive role in recent politics

  • Hariskhan, my point is that we as nation are illiterate, oppressed people scared to come out on the streets to fight for our rights. So these "MAZLOOM" leaders would keep on taking advantage of our "jahalat". I dont want to be looted like this by these so called "MAZLOOM" leaders. But do I have an option my dear? Establishment (Army, beaurocracy, corrupt politicians) would prosper in this country.

    Media is spreading awareness (may be unknowingly). They are sensationalizing the news and the scandals to get more viewership and get more ads. But this is doing one good thing. We "the awam" are slowly getting sick of these leaders and their stupidities, their greed, and their lies. Good thing! I hope it shakes our sleepiness, and we react to take control of our lives.

  • @lajawab,

    public has been doing sacrifice ,since the day ,Pakistan came into being.

    some scarified their wealth and property and came here to be assocaited with the new home land and new idealogy.

    some who were residing already here ,gave sacrifice to share the limited resources ,they have at that point ,with the refugees .

    and since then .

    its public ,which got killed for PPP ,PMLN,PMLQ,MQM ,ANP and BNP.

    its public which got effected in every mayhem,every protest ,every public meeting ,every street show of power.

    its public which got effected with every deal ,every denial ,every military coup and every engineered elections.


    still our fat and stinky politicians are claiming that they have been giving Qurbanis for us .

    the fact is that

    its the other way around.

  • @beenai,

    Good points, leaders get bail out they get special permission to travel aboard in darkest of night but its poor public and workers who always give qurbani....

    just look at todays news from Altaf bhai

    Altaf forgives Nawaz, Army officials for 1992 operation

    who the hell give him right to forgive Nawaz and Army.... shame on Altaf for playing politics on poor workers

  • army and NS were his Mohsin who had allowed/arranged safe exit for him from Pakistan .. According to him 15ooo worker were being killed during the operation and he “Mazloomo ka Sathi” was running out the abroad just for his own life saving.. . great leader

  • expakistani,

    Yes and who gives right to governments to take back all the cases against these leaders.

    Who has given right to Altaf Hussain to forgive Nawaz Sharif is a million dollar question (if REALLY it is Nawaz Sharif for the killings of our muhajir brothers). Only a few days back he was vociferously asking Nawaz Sharif to reply "Nawaz Sharif jawab do".

    Probably he got THE answer somewhere.

  • since day one,all of them has been making us fool.

    when they fight ...they make one community to hate another .

    and public lose unity ...lose lives...lose harmony ..lose hope.

    on the other hand ,one fine day ,they wake up and announce a patch up and a happy ending from their side .

    it shows that all of our leaders are totally insincere .