Pakistan Is Not For Sale !

  • Now This is Shocking

    An American NGO providing cover to Blackwater operations on Pakistani soil. Now this deported American, Crag Davis, is back in Pakistan. Close to 2,000 Hummers have arrived at a Pakistani port that are not destined for Afghanistan.

    Still anyone of you is in doubt that, Have you heard this on the media, anyone discussed yet, all arrived and being transported to Islamabad, ( The Heart Of Pakistan ) , Hummer’s ? US Marines ? Black Water ” Private Army Of America ” What will they do with 2000 hummers in Islamabad? Now here’s what explains it because Obama’s Administration want to make The world’s biggest US embassy is under construction in Islamabad. As if this is not enough, the US embassy has hired a huge number of houses across the Pakistani capital to serve as unofficial local franchises. Welcome to the silent American occupation of Pakistan, with the Curse of the elected Pakistani politicians and a silent Pakistani military.

    The Number Of US Marines extended t0 7000 Just for Pakistan? Does it make any sense to you? I know Nation is not aware of their greedy corrupt mission but Does it make any sense to you, to see Hummer running over Islamabad and GHQ Army ” PAKISTAN FORCE ” serveral times before, US Denied that there are no US Marines on Pakistan’s Soil, suddenly from 31th august they started transporting, buying lands, press release that BLACK WATER is also in Pakistan? instead BLACK WATER WILL BE IN PAKISTAN ? The numbers will rise don’t no till how many , if 2000 hummers has arrived than I am not stupid that, it will be for entire pakistan, not just ISLAMABAD and Charsadda?

    Basically what exactly is their Mission here ? To make the biggest Embassy ? or to Take Over Nuclear assets ? Pakistani Nation always been In the dark, Rise of Budget and financial crisis, where on the other hand elected government , president and Army chief are silent? when US can spend 405 Million On Construction? do you think this is it ?Pakistan has been sold? why are they not declearing it, Their Planes Already In Sindh ( Shahbaz Base ) and In Balouchistan , Now In Rawalpindi ( Chak La La Base ) Troops there, Private Army there, They got the Ground till sky, and nation is seeing non sense on television, Perfect Timings, to take over and later we will find out something idiotic and worsthless report by ISPR and PID about this, that Pak Army and Black Water are working Jointly. The Army of 70 Million is not enough to fight back with country’s own internal matters !

    Shame on Pakistan Army, Pakistani’s better wake up now. it is no time for religious act where you mother land is in trouble, soon you will see, very big changes and regret. Kindly spread this News to each and everyone, to every common Ordinary Pakistani Globally, PAKISTAN IS NOT FOR SELL .

    By : Faree Imaan

  • This is more molvie/junoon group propaganda crying wolf and example of yellow journalism. What is the proof or reference for this news? Made by sky is falling and lets join Taliban media group?

  • what is the breaking news in your second article?

  • Basically The Second article is a proof for you , since you think Yellow Journalism, you needed a proof , there you go !

    nothing is falling from the sky nor hand made story ! I think 20 percent of the nation up till now is pretty aware, since i am constantly working on Awareness of this Nation !

  • The first article is a good example of yellow journalism. The 2nd article is on a totally different topic which has nothing to do with the first one. What is the problem in the second article that we should be worried about?

  • The criminal coward retarded 5th grade failed elite is treating Pakistan as a prostitute,to the highest bidder in this cases jewsa UK and Canada. For these brown slaves serving their white christian jewish masters is a way of life. They will sell thier families for a green card or a citizenship of a invader country.

    Death to all traitors I say.

  • are those hummer's for sale?? man i love those Army Patriot Hummer's.

    I am tired of these thread's :(

  • Those hummers are becoming humming birds of history wheel of misfortune.

  • Its pity that if someone tries to do anything good, we as a nation will try to pull that person down. If Yellow journalism can bring awareness among Pakistanis then I must say, Plz, Bring on the yellow journalism"

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  • Pakistan was a very hot market almost 40 years back where lot of overseas customers were looking for to own a shop and invest.

    Due to lack of maintenance, sanitation work, and poor sale persons, the market lost its attraction for the customers.

    Now this Market is being used as a Warehouse.

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