Darwaza e Khlifat

  • Darwaza a Khlifat a beautiful poem in Bang e dara by Allam Muhammad Iqbal

    Allam Iqbal said to the Muslim World don't worry about your country. The counrties in this world are not important thing to Muslims. The important thing to Muslims is Islam we have to struggle for Islamic syetem.

    We the people of pakistan what we have made a pakistan pakistan is our first priority. every boys of Pakistan is saying that i will kill u if talk against pakistan. Can any one tell me any one if here is the lover of prophet.All are the lover of Pakistan no one lover of Islam and great people of Islam. Soon we will see the End of Pakistan if Pakistan is our first priority like musharraf and islam is second priority

  • Dear King

    I would be highly obliged if u could explain a link between Allama Iqbal's poem and love for prophet and love for Pakistan ?

    In my oponion u r confused by putting too much things in one place. For love of prophet , i m not answerable to any person. But for love to a state , i m answerable being a citinzen to the state and fellow countrymen.

    I agree to your oponion that 'Soon we will see the End of Pakistan '.

  • king,

    Love your common point that is ISLAM if you want save Pakistan.This is exactly the message should we learn by heart.


  • kingsalah, could you please try to post the poem here?

  • 1. Why Iqbal demanded for an independent piece of Land for the Muslims of India, if he was against the concept of State?

    2. Where you will enforce Islamic System?

    In the Air, over the clouds or in the Sea?

  • "1. Why Iqbal demanded for an independent piece of Land for the Muslims of India, if he was against the concept of State?"

    he wasn't against the concept of a state. in fact he was very much with the idea of an Islamic state.

    "2. Where you will enforce Islamic System?

    In the Air, over the clouds or in the Sea?"

    over the whole world! just like it was a hundred years ago

  • I haven't read the poem but feel that Iqbal was more enthusiatic about the implementation of Islamic sharia based state rather than a banana republic which unfortunately happened. Iqbal knew that the ignorant masses, the common man on the street, had no idea whatsoever of the totality of Islamic system let alone a Islamic state. The race to be independent was at a very fast pace than the ability to understand the running of a state.

    The British were more concerned with the implementation of their fake secular systems than a Islamic state and hence their granting of independence. They knew more than the ignorant masses that Islam will be in sharp contrast and oposition to what their neo colonialistic designs. The addition of mere label 'Islamic Republic' had no value as all the systems that were the status quo at that time and running were kufr based. The politicians that spearheaded the struggle to be free were well educated in the western laws and systems. They were loyal to Islam but their overall idea of Islamic state was zero. I remember at one point Ayub Khan visioned his dictatorship as a "khilafa" system. As some scholars said "they loved Islam more than they understood it".

  • @king salah

    'Allam Iqbal said to the Muslim World don't worry about your country. The counrties in this world are not important thing to Muslims.'

    Allama Iqbal also said many things that have been distorted, and for that this link provides a good read:


    His views about a 'modern Muslim' and Khilafat are both discussed here.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Iqbal says about 'nationalism';

    In taaza khudao'n main barha sab se watan hai

    jo pairahan is kaa hai wo mazhab ka kafan hai

    aqwaam!! main makhlooq-e-khuda bat'ti hai is se

    qaumee-yat-e-Islam ki jarh kat'ti hai is se

    baazoo tera tauheed!! ki qoowat se qawi hai

    Islam tera!! dais! hai, tu!! mustafa'vi!! hai

    nazzaara-e-dereena zamaane ko dikha de

    ay mustafa'vi khaak main is but ko mila de

  • Allama Iqbal was a great philosopher and thinker ,but some Qutbi Jamatis treat him as prophet and take his Poetry as verses .Allma Iqbal poetry and thinking has been change from time to time ,Some of his poetry is very good and according to Islam but some of his work has his own thinking which does not reflect islamic ideology .We should treat him as philosipher not a prophet

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Iqbal also says;

    nikal kar khankahon say ada kar rasm e shabbiri

    keh faqr e khankahi hay faqat andoah o dilgeeri

    taray deen o adab say arahi hay boay rahbani

    yahi hay marnay wali ummatoon ka aalam e peeri

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Iqbal also says;

    Tu ne poochi hea Imamat ki haqekat mujh se,

    Haq tujhe meri terhan sahib-e-asrar kare,

    Hea wohi tere zamane ka Imam-e-berhaq,

    jo tujhe hazir-o-mojood se bezaar kare,

    mot k aayene me tujh ko dikha ker rukh-e-dost,

    zindagi tere liye or bhi dushwar kare,

    de k ahsas-e-ziyaan tera lahu germa de,

    fikar ki saan cherha ker tujhe talwar kare,

    fitna Milat-e-bezah hea IMAMAT is ki,

    jo muslma ko slateen k porastaar kare.

  • no one is treating him as prophet sas. As a matter of fact no one refers to him except some indo-pak muslims. If you refer to Iqbal you are prone to error. You refer to Prophet SAS and Sahaba karaam. Period. Some of his poems are supporting the grave worshippers too. He has written some poems at the graves of so called saints.

  • Dr Israr says Iqbal poetry is "ilhami "

  • Who is Israr Ahmed? Forget him. The same one who said there is no Jihad in Kashmir and Taliban should surrender to Kuffar.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Those who go against Jihad, are traitors! to us.

    Without Jihad there is no Muslim

  • @hariskhan

    Are muslims required to do no other things except Jihad?

    or is Jihad the first requisite to be a Muslim?

  • nothing. Jihad starts from the day you are born until you die. On the daily basis it starts when you wake up and goes on until you sleep. And even if you sleep you should have intention of Jihad. Therefore Jihad is all encompassing way of life for a Muslim. It is simply to do good and resist temptations to do bad.

  • Lets keep this discussion focused; Did he foresaw that 'Darwaza-e-Khilafat' would be blocked. More from Iqbal:

    wo faqa kash kay mout say derta nahin zara

    Rooh-e-Muhammad (PBUH) uss kay badan say nikal dou

    Fikr-e-Arab ko dey key farangi takhayyulaat

    Islam ko Hijaz-o-Yaman say nikaal dou

    Afghanion ki ghairat-e-deen ka hai ye ILaaj

    Mullah ko un kay koh-o-daman say nikaal dou

    Ahl-e-Haram say un ki riwayaat cheen lo

    Aahu ko murghzar-e-hatan say nikaal dou

    Iqbal kay nafs say hai laaley ki aag tez

    Aisey ghazal sira ko chamman say nikaal dou

    Dr. Iqbal is assuming here that Satan (can be subtituted with USA and it's helping hands) is addressing to his followers.

    (Meanings: Faqa kash = Poor man but of strong Faith; derta = Scared of; Badan = Body; Fikr = Thoughts; Takhayyulat= Concepts; Ghairat-e-deen = Strong Faith; ILaaj = Cure; Mullah = Referring to strong faith Muslim here; Koh-o-daman = Country (Afghanistan here); Ahl-e-Haram = Muslims; Riwayaat = Traditions; Aahu = Deer; Murghzar-e-Hatan= Land of Faith and peace; Nafs = Thoughts; Laley = Garden; Ghazal Sira = Reformer here)


  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @bebus: Again, you don't have understanding of the word 'Jihad'.

    How can we even discuss matters, when your subject knowledge is not up to par?

    One definition of Jihad is;

    Exteme! struggle in the name of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, without!!! asking for anything in return, other than ALLAH ALMIGHTY's 'Razaa'

    There are many other definitions of Jihad. But! you have to have subject knowledge to take part in a discussion.

    Or at least try to comprehend what is being mentioned, before presenting counter arguments.