Most SuprisingTragic about Mankind

  • What's most surprising / Tragic about Mankind?

    They lose their health 2 making money & then lose their money 2 restore their health

    By thinking about future, they forget present

    Such that they live neither 4 present nor 4 future

    They live as they will never die & they die as they have never lived

  • @kingsalah,

    so true.

    ppl think that money is the solution of all problems .

    and my personal opinion is

    money is itself a hub of a problem.

    which generates problems on a daily basis.

  • Very right, I wonder despite of all these and other weaknesses how can a human claim that he is able to challenge the divine and will legislate for the rest of humanity!!!!

  • @Beena

    I will be happy to take all your money to alleviate you from problems that money is doing it to you. The easiest method is to use Undi or Hawala to send me the Quaid Bala. You may also use Western Union or any reputed bank. Avoid any snail mail.

    Thank you.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    خلیلفافہ: I want <- this person banned for constantly posting irrelevant, non-constructive material on this forum.

  • This is the life cycle of most of the ppl as king mentioned.

    We need to come out of this chakkar to find some new hights.

    But the question remains that by breaking this cycle we definitly need some guidance abt where to move???

  • I want hariskhan and his entire chorus line to be kicked out of this forum. If we continuously allow these people on this forum, every one will be required to use a sacred lota and make ablution before typing anything here. Moreover, those days are near when all open minded and progressive (even modest) Muslims will be declared as Wajubul Qatl [واجبل قتل]

  • Money if earned through halal means and spent on halal means bring "ajar" "barkat" and "joy" in life.

    So earning through fair means is no problem and doesn't bring tension, depression, blood pressure, diabetes, heart-attack, insomnia, and so on..

  • In my opinion the most tragic of mankind is that they have forgotten their objectives and their relationship with their Creator. All problems are the effect of this cause.

  • @hariskhan

    Now you have issued another Fatwa to Ban خلیلفافہ

    Earlier you wanted me to be banned.

    What is the problem with you? Why are you so intolerant?

  • خلیلفاف

    Mentioned at the above posting:

    "every one will be required to use a sacred lota and make ablution before typing anything here."

    I also feel that the Forum PKpolitics, in the name of morality, is heading towards a situation where one day every member would be required to recite Darood Sharif for 1000 times before touching the keyboard at the computer.

    However I don't agree to this proposal that anyone should be kicked out of this forum.

    I would like to see this forum as an International, inter-racial and Multireligious opinion place.

    Everyone should be allowed to sing the Raaga of his/her kind.

    We should also keep a record to expose those who are using bad and abusive language.

  • I won't mind reciting the Kalima once. But what is this Darood Sharif for 1000 times? Never heard that. Darood is not an Arabic word. What is its origin? We need to throw away the cultural baggage. We already have too many innovations that crept into the simple religion.