Atta, Bijli, Cheni aur ab Doodh ( Milk)

  • An amazing drama we are coming up in pakistan with every new day. A country relies on its agriculture is facing short of wheat especially in Sindh & NWFP. A country which is not an industrial in its nature running short of power & a country stands few among the world which has splendid power generation system ( from water) irrespective of the fact of proper sanitation; is running short fall, a country whose Sugar Mills produce best quality sugar among the world & whose sugar mills are among the biggest in the world having shortage of sugar in its own country, & finally a country which is consider as to be the biggest among milk producer is now running short of milk too. Is it true? Can anyone believe?


    this is not the complete story which i have heard on Geo last night.

  • to quite down the political toofan, raised by the brig billa...

    a systematic approach is being undertaken by the ministries...

    first they tried to shoot a fed minister...

    then cheeni

    then ata

    now milk

    keep the awam, the stupid awam occupied in their food crises while wheeling dealing to the maximum in the back ground!


  • Watch this program to see lines of ppl trying to get 'cheeni'. Pathetic govt!

  • i noticed two things...

    a) there is no shortage of cheeni on the regular stores. Its just 5 bucks more expensive.

    b) govt run stores are causing a bottle neck by limiting the supply to one bag intentionally.

    c) Did u see the 6 foot 4 darhi wala jin when blasting govt for being daku, the state minister who looks like a daku was pointed out by hamid meer...keh aap IN ko daku keh rahay hain....hahaha....and the 6 foot 4 darhi wala jin said naheen yeh naheen, to which the daku looking durrani said, sach asal mein yehi hai......:) very funny exchange..

    d) govt employee says people are hoarding, women says tees siparay mere sar par rakhao.......

    e) an artificial bottle neck has been created...

    f) for 5 ruppees people are going nuts!

    g) govt should give ramadhan allowances ...

    h) for the past 2000 years the people of these lands have been using sugar and its variants so how come they cannot prepare or pre plan for such shortages....i belive its a problem caused by govt and amin faheem!


  • Hamid mir aurton ki tarah 'phapa kuttan' hai, chalaki se logon ko laranay ki koshish karta hai. lol

  • does hamid meer need "permission" for a program from seniors ?


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    hi all now i express today the real face are political

    personalities .these day we face shotage of atta/sugar&

    electricity and here in karachi the luxury park will made

    for the name of leader's .i ask one Q to the government why they give sibsidy to these short items instead of built the park. i feel shame when seen the long queue of people to bring one bag of atta or else.15 rozaa alreay done but are leader to fail to put it down the inflation they are busy their on luxury's but they answerable when the recconing shall place.people were tendious these leader ship now the day is come when we take decision that we pick our on leader those who viable and rectitude .thanks A.khan

  • menu suna haal dill da!

    mein mahram tere raaz da!

    dill lagaya tha dill lagi ke liye

    ban gaya roog zindagi ke liye!