American Banks and housing demolition!

  • It is not strange to us as Quran says to declare war from Allah and His Prophet SAS on those that indulge in Riba/Interest.

    If you are a person whom Allah has bestowed wealth upon then you should avoid owning property in the US and you should diversify out of the dollar into gold and silver. Gold and silver have retained there value over history and there is no reason to think that they would not do the same in the future.

    Today America is the home of an interesting assortment of sins that are handpicked from all over the nations that existed before us: the obstinacy of the people of Nuh; the arrogance of the people of Aad; the rejection of Allah’s signs by the people of Thamud; the sodomy of the people of Lut; the financial deviance of the people of Shuayb as America is the biggest dealer and promoter of the interest based economy; the oppression of Abu Jahl et al; the greed, deception, love of the temporal life, and the bogusness of the children of Israel; along with the arrogance of the Pharaoh who had the misled notion that just because he is the leader of the most powerful nation on earth and is at the top the greatest army of his time he can somehow defeat the servants of Allah.

    Punishment of Allah is hovering over America. When? And how? Allah knows best.

  • yes, so when are you moving to kandhar ?


  • I'm there.isn't it the age of globalization and information highway? Are you in stone age?

  • yes, you are "there" ....pulling fiberoptics under the data center floor .....yes yes yes!

    please define munafiq for the rest of us...


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  • Why are you pulling the rest of us. Munafiq starts with M. You are a prime example. Look in the mirror.

  • lets focus on the topic before you ruin my thread and get it locked...


  • Eik din chechen kaie sath scene 1

    chechen tu qazi hussein ahamd saie bhie agay nikal giya haie.

    Question to qazi sahibs beta: Jiss din 9/11 howa aap kahan they. Beta: ji maie America maie education hasil kar reha tha.

    New interview Chechen jiss din aap web paie jihad kaie naraiy laga rahey thaie aap kahan they. Chechen ji maie amricka maie apnay fridge saie Tropicana orange juice nikqal kar pee reha tha aur tv paie us open tennis maie blonde larkiyon ka tennis match enjoy kar reha tha. Al Jihad al jihad.

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    tropicana, blonde, tennis skirts, wah wah! yeh hai rooh afza status!

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  • Lota and Mulla have nothing else to contribute except filth and blasphemy. When they cannot confront they go vulgar showing their true color. Check their history on this forum.

  • chechen bhia sirf eik question and please answer. Aap ki bohat mehrbanie.

    Aap ko juice konsa pasand haie?

    Tropicana orange, Minute maid orange, Apple, cranberry, mixed fruit or pineapple?

    Aap amricka maie konsa juice mazay leh leh kar pee rehay h o bas itna bata dain. Aap kaie baqai kamoun ka mujhey pata haie bus yeh information missing haie.

  • mere aik jannay walay hain, woh "juice" "peenay" ke baad, Islam par zabardast taqreer farmatay hain!

    kaheen idhar bhi aihoji gal tey naheen kidray ?

    chechu chuskiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!


  • Lota

    I will have to do some research to find out any of the corporations you mentioned owe any interest to the lenders.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    This is another example of a thread that has gone bad, nothing constructive in it.

  • Mulla aap ko bizthi karany ka bohot shaouq hy???

    Why you behave like that with every one???


  • zia m

    If chechen bhia answers and gives us the name of the juice company please rush to buy the stock of the company. I am certain that stock is going up as long as a certain individual is residing in amricka.

  • skyfacts:

    yes i agree, lets return to positive and constructive thought!


  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    There is a very good reason why ALLAH ALMIGHTY has declared war against those who conduct business based on interest.

    ITS more authentic, important, since ALLAH has put it directly in the Quran.

  • o bhai apni bemari ka ilaj ker..Fazooliyatrites ki..

    Be serious always here no need to get ready for fazooliyath..

    yara apni hi izzath ka khayal ker..

    phir thoo kahtha hy k log mukhalif hogaye,dushman ban gaye,me ban hua kisi ne poocha nahi...

    thoo hum se age me ziyada hy..thoo ne humy samjhana tha laikin humy app ko samjhana partha hy..

    dear apny se old ko samjhany me kitni shram athee hy..

    Samajh lo is baar......khud hi samajh lo...