Pkpolitics - Bitter and Sweet

  • Pkpolitics - Bitter and Sweet

    My observations:

    1- A member makes a post about an issue, which has nothing to do with Islam.

    A Khalifa group member replies with a fatwa, a whine about crusader atrocities or an apoplectic prophesy. The thread immediately goes into a tailspin.

    My suggestion to mods: Delete such replies. Or

    Suggest these people to start their own discussion group somewhere or else ban all members of Khalifa group.

    2- Sometimes, a moderator inadvertently or subjectively deletes a valid reply. This situation should improve with the temporal learning curve. We have to live with this anomaly instead of complaining every little slip.

    3- Since the Rauf Kalasra scrap, some posts have started badmouthing pkpolitics. These ppl could be innocent inquisitives or some moles planted by the accused. I suggest them to leave this blog instead of making unkind remarks. One can appreciate the efforts of the members, contributors, mods and admin. All this time is voluntary from a diverse group of people. Remember, politics sounds as a dirty word in our culture but pkp has provided an environment where many members have started calling them pkpoliticians?

    4- I found pkp to be the best site in its space so far. Learn to appreciate someone’s efforts.

  • @all

    Members who have no qualms following pkpolitics code of conduct and post accordingly are the true will wishers of this forum. Only those who have an 'agenda' of derailing/hijacking threads with their negative/circular arguments serving their purpose are being observed.

  • Dear Member,

    I feel your observation is very realistic.

    To minimize all this mess what I understand, the Administration of the Pkpolitics, if possible, should sub-divide the Forum in different channels.

    What I mean that a member willing to discuss religion should be restricted to only the section of his choice.

    A member who wants to share and enjoy music, poetry. literature or humor without bothering about Halal/Haram, should have the choice to stay to that section.

    The allocation of different channels could make this forum more attractive and productive.

    The Forum could be channelized into different chapters such as:

    Pkpolitics/Poetry, Pkpolitics/Religion, Pkpolitics/Music,

    Pkpolitics/jokes, Pkpolitics/Current Affairs.

  • dear members,

    If some one shares some common set of beliefs it doesnot mean grouping.

    We should be positive about forum members and try give honour and respect to one's beliefs/Religion.

    Their is an open field to differ with some one's view..

    I would like to assure you that just a change in our views is needed to mix up with fellow members.

    And offcourse no one would like to go in Isolation.....


  • I endorse the comments of zjshami

  • Bitter and bitter only!

  • pkpolitics is a blog ,where we can see a huge number of young Pakistanis ,living inside and outside Pakistan .it provides all of them to share their views about current issues regarding Pakistan ....

    some of them are serious ,logical and to the point...

    some are mischievous by nature ...

    some try to lighten up the heavy serious tone of some debate

    some try to derail the debate

    some only are here to disturb others mentally

    some cross the limits and while short of arguments

    start being personal with members and moderators

    some of them really becomes a psychological torcher for others

    some are sweet and innocent with less knowledge but keen to learn

    some accepts their mistakes and wrong view point very easily

    some die for their view point,while knowing its indeed wrong

    some are secular and liberal

    some are hard core fundamentalists

    some are stubborn

    some are happy go lucky

    and matter of the fact is that

    they all make a good combination of different thoughts and view points....

    and ...and..and

    and i Love them all.................

  • Beenai, Your last line is the best I ever read on this forum. I wish we all emulate that feeling. Insha'allah

  • Beenai

    That is very nice of you.

    We love you back :)

  • Zia m, Please include "all" including Beenai in your love.

  • Of course,you are on top of my list. :)

  • @chechan and Ziam ,


  • beenai, are you on drugs now or were you high before

  • @Aqlib,

    i am fasting.

    and never used drugs ever .

  • @zjshami - Good suggestion. There should be a subsection called "Islam and Politics" or "Islamic Nizaam" or "Khilafat" and all the like-minded individuals will be allowed to share their veiws there. This will keep the rest of the threads free from spam!

  • There should also be subsection called "Secularism and Politics" or "Libral Nizaam" or "capitalism/democracy" etc.

    and all the like-minded individuals will be allowed to share their veiws there. This will keep the rest of the threads free from spam!

  • @Mods,

    I do not understand the closing of many threads. What if I got an idea that would add a significant value to a discussion several days after the closure of a thread? Should I start another thread?

    If the closing is just a part of calming the heat of discussion, I suggest reopening them after a random duration of time.

    About the Islam threads what if the admin can start a separate unmoderated forum. Let anyone and everyone show their brain there? The post titles should not show up on the discuss forum but on a separate list. Access to that unmoderated forum can be through the Discuss page or/and through the main pkp page?

  • About the Secularist threads what if the admin can start a separate unmoderated forum. Let anyone .....

  • beena at her best here.....

  • @all,

    threads which are based on religious views are subject to moderation more than any other topic.

    as ppl have very emotional affiliations with their beliefs and do not consider others views in this regard .

    when one fails to convince another one...

    a heated debate starts off ...where the whole community from which opponent belongs to ,have been badly cursed and this increase the heat further .

    so a moderation free section for religious and secular views threads is quite dangerous .

    khurram Zaman,

    thanks Khurrum.