Anti-Americanism rises in Pakistan over U.S. motives

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I quote from the above article;

    Pakistan is a key priority for the United States because of its nuclear weapons and its potential usefulness in taking on al Qaida within its borders and ending the safe haven for the Afghan Taliban.

    The part in bold in the above passage is US/Nato's objective. They are making Pakistan distract Afghan Taliban from fighting against US/Nato in Afghanistan. Pak Army has been fighting Taliban for US/Nato.

    This news clip confirms, the fact that Pakistan is not content with over-throwing Taliban's govt. in Afghanistan. They are ALSO helping US in distracting Afghan Taliban from fighting against US/Nato, to please their master US/Nato, from whom they are expecting rewards.

    I condemn!!!! Pak Army!!!! AND!!!! Pak Govt. for this, for their slave mentality, for their opportunist mentality, through the strongest!!!! of possible words

    From the past 150 years of history, Muslims should realize the only friends Muslims have in this world are other Muslims. We CANNOT!!! benefit by betraying other Muslims, by taking sides with non-Muslims to kill Muslims

  • and in which Muslim country ,u dont find this increasing feeling of hatred against US?

    whenever a country wanna be a super power .

    it starts behaving in a certain way .

    and he has to do his show of power on a daily basis.

    which obviously ,annoys every other country .

    specially the poor and submissive ones.

    with weak leaders supporting US and

    their love and public hate to US ,goes in opposite propositions.