Thread Closed by Moderators

  • There was a thread going over Treatment of Professor by 'Sher Jawans of ARMY' and has been closed by moderators with following commetn.



    This thread is an obvious attempt to incite 'hate' against Pakistan Army. Perhaps a habbit of generalization of issues has blindfolded some elements who are hell bent to smear and discredit the patriotic side of the army through such and similar campaigns.

    This thread is closed.


    My question is why moderators don't clsoe threads which are against politiciasn/ political parties ?

    Why ARMY is a holy cow ?

    Why not we criticize ARMY for its misdeeds ?

    Is this freedom of speech or hypocracy ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ALL

    pkpolitics 'discuss' forum is a platform worthy of useful/productive/constructive/positive discussions. As for now 'Zero Tollerance' for 'off topic' comments including propaganda based on sheer hate. A word of advise. Follow the code of conduct and things will work out just fine.