• EID MOON WILL NOT APPEAR THIS RAMZAN: MUFTI KUMZOOR IMAN Because the spirit of Ramzan has has been worsely damaged by the greedy Sugar Terrorsists (Millers) and current government of Kiyani. Poor were badly treated this Ramzan as they had nothhing to eat and drink during and after Iftar. They protested to Almighty that , You gave us one month to eat easily but Governors, Millers, have deprive us of this priviledge.

    This exploitation by the Sugar Terrorists and Government Cronies has made the Divinity Angery and Moon will be in turbulance SO there will be No Eid Moon this Ramzan.

    Ramzan is a month of poor. Poor fast all the year and Millers earn all the year.So there will be No To EID.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This time all Eid dishes will be salty in Pakistan.

    It will be OK next year, Inshallah.

  • The question is 'Eid Moon will not appear'. What happened to the moon than? Sharia says visual sighting of moon is of prime importance. Good enough! Could scientific means be in accordance to Sharia and thus helpful in resolving this issue?

  • Zionist Scientist will stop the moon ...

  • @netengr

    stop this 'off topic' crusade and come up with something logical. I know you can! Something scientific that is acceptable.

  • sharia is superior to science!


  • @semirza

    why you don't close this thread ? is the any reference of this news ?

  • Here in America, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), has developed a Lunar Calendar for 10 years, fixing all the Islamic Holy Activities to be conducted according to that Calendar.

    They don't bother about the formalities of sighting the Moon through Telescope.

    Very realistic, logical, scientific and reasonable.

  • You may have noticed that the thread owner is highlighting the moon sighting issue and the head of 'moon sighting committee' (lajnah ruiyet-e-hilal.)

  • countries of the west of Saudia Arabia are allowed to do eid with Saudia....not on the east, easter countries will have to look for their own moon sighting....

    and sighting the moon is not mandatory.....but indian ulema take the literal meaning of the hadees and this causes a rift among desis......otherwise unity of the ummah can justify the saudi moon sighting but desi's want to collect money on their own terms!


  • Muliple Eids is the scientific fact and there is no issue of unity of Ummah ,This is the same as different timing of Namaz in different countries

  • multiple eids in the masajid in the same block ?


  • lol

    phir unhon nay balcony say niklay hue chand ko daikha hoga

    Kal shab daikha main chand jharokay main

    uss ko kia salam tumharay dhokay main

  • mere samnay wali khirki mein aik "chaand" ka tuqra rehta hai!



  • So it means that this is not an issue at all. This morning I asked the same question to one of my Shia colleagues. He said they don’t worry as this has been calculated and settled already for the coming ten years! Why Mufti Sahib is not being flexible?

  • Bhai, yahan 'a'anchil ki a'arh main choopey cha'and ki ba'at naheen ho rahi. Us chan ki jis ko Mufti Sahab dekhney mein na'akami ka khadsha zahir ker rehey hain!

  • mirza ji:

    arabs huzoor ke zamana mein bhi falakiyat mein kafi tarqi yafta they or Nabi Allah bhi jantay they keh chand muqarar hai!

    baat chanday ki hai! shia sunni aik din eid karain gey to ho sakta hai chanday aik hi taraf chala jaye! or yeh aik hogaye to molvi ka kiya ho ga, lehaza molvi ne khud hi se sahee hadees bana li keh chand shartiya dekha jaye!

    halanakay hadees e shareef kehti hai keh matala abar alood ho to 30 poray karo !

    agar aik din eid ho gi, to molvi ko apni apni masjid mein eid ki jamat naheen karwa sakay ga or chanday naheen millay ga, kionkeh sab loog baray ijtimah mein chalay jayen ge or wahan aik hi imam ho ga, lehaza jinhoon ne taraweeh parhai un ko pesay kon de ga ?

    masla chanday ka hai!


  • I hate this side of subcontinental Muftis. Just for alms they have to distort simple facts!