Few bad apples vs community demonization

  • Why is it that when it comes to western weaknesses they portray them as individual mistakes and call them "just a few bad apples", but on the contrary when it comes to another ideology such as Islam (communism few decades ago) they associate each and every thing as failure of ideology and failure of community?

  • Brother it is written in QUran that jews and christian are not friends of muslims.They may be friend of each other . It is not they r the enemy of islam but they are proving the word of ALLah subhana o tahallah as written in Quran.

    When the truth shall come falsehood will perish falsehood by its nature will perish

  • right.

  • Yeah the problem is that you wont see them Demonizing Christians cos Hitler was a Christian.

    No they wont

    Its only the Muslims and now they are Jews of current Century.

    All that JEws claimed that it happened to them in the last century is truly happening to Muslims in this one.

    So what should the Muslims do ?

    Ans ?

    Anyone ?

  • Stop wearing religion on your sleeves.

  • care to elaborate ?