Two Pakistans

  • What a wonderful program, today's Capital Talk on the new education policy:

    The show is brilliant, to say the least, and has simply made my day and forced me to post this thread here. I feel very good now and I am going to watch it again, not because of what was said but perhaps more because how it was said. The decency of the participants, the precise way in which they discuss and argue their points, the noble way in which they address each other, give a sympathetic ear to each other's views, the humility with which they differ with the other's views and in doing all this create a highly cultured and positive ambience for such a meaningul conversation on such an important issue is so encouraging, so uplifting. Shows like these, so rare nowadays, give us hope, encourage us, generate light than unnecessary heat, inspire us and make us reflect as to what and who we are as a nation, as Muslim individuals. as human beings and what we are rapidly becoming.

    Now compare with this:

    I say, these are the two faces of Pakistan: the beautiful Pakistan and the ugly Pskiatan. In the education show we see a Pakistan that is now rapily disappearing before our own eyes. How often do we get to see such programs and such people on TV or otherwise? This is the baa adab Pakistan, the Pskiatan that we should have developed and honed---socially, politically, culturally, religiously----over the years since independence, the country that we should have be raising our kids in and should have been proud of.

    The second one, the rental power show, is the pathological monster that is so visible around us, both on and off air, both on and off the internet: this is the vulgar, bey adab Pakistan, the country led by plunderers, decadent political classes, a nation sold and sold again by pimping baa wardi and bey wardi dictators, looted and rented out by zalim and munafiq "awami" messiahs, leaders.

    In the education show the only person out of place, so markedly different from the three guests, qualitatively speaking, is the anchor, Hamid Mir! In the second show we have three sorry brutes fighting it out in a manner that can best be described as disgraceful! The striking differences are very telling, in addition to being very unfortunate. The contrast is enough to tell a perceptive and concerned mind as to what is wrong with the Pakistani society.

    P.S. Moderators Beenai/semirza: Given your unfortunate (and also immature) tendencies when it comes to things that some of us post here, may I request you two to please not delete this thread ? Your earlier explanations about why you delete some threads and leave others were very helpful, in a way: they have made an impression upon me, and that impression is not very good and healthy. If you don't like threads like these for whatever reason (which is just fine), can you kindly leave them for at least a few days because it is my belief that there are still some people left who would like to benefit from them. Thank you very much.