Black Water's Strategy..Do We Have Any Strategy.???

  • As American BW(Black Water) is a ground Fact Here.

    In Iraq as resistance was started by Sunnis.So Black Water/US adopted the following strategy..

    Non-Muslims were recruited in state law inforcement Agencies.

    Non-Muslims and shia were offered and recruited in Black Water and other agencies.

    Ignorant people were recruited offering High Financial Packages.

    Every one was having little differences with sunni Fighter's were offerred such Jobs..

    Shia Sunni sect's were incouraged in this way,leading to shia sunni clashes and blood Shed..


    As resistance is their among sunni's Only.

    The Gen Crystal strategy is same like IRAQ.

    To bring the rest of the Pakistani's against these Fighter's.

    What do you think about the strategy of Pakistani's here.

    I am reffering to Pakistani Non-Muslims,Qadyanis,shia,Brailvi etc..

    The purpose is mainly to avoid Blood Shed among own Pakistani's..

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  • Ours leaders and bhooki nangee awam,

    Nobody care about the Country.

    Pakistan hai too tum sab Pakistani hoo,Naheen hai too?

  • We all are muslim and pakistani thats it- not sunni not wahabi not deobandi--

    religion of ALLAH and of our dear Prophit Mohammad pbuh is Islam without any sect. they did not introduce any sect. so at this stage of bad time of muslims we should open eyes and look at real issues.. our enemies just know us as muslims and they are targeting us as we are muslims they dont care what sect.

    wake up Pakistan

  • RS .. you have some Taliban syndrome which forces you to write their name in every thread regardless of the topic.

    Haven't you seen Fatwa from Deoband school of thought in which they openly declared suicide attacks as Haram. None of the sects opposed Swat operation. Jamat Islami spoke against operation but on the modality and not on the purpose. So what is the question of saying Deobandi, Wahabi, brailvi.. Are you doing this all to get some objectives ???

    Have you read history ? Quaid-e-Azam was an Ismaili Shia but you see Maulana Shabbir Othmani fully supported him. The point is that on national interest we all are united. The problem is absence of sincere leadership...