Too much activity from moderator is making this forum boring

  • Khuda kay liye thora kam kaam kijiay. every day i see lot of closed tags, if i read the same thread after some time instead of more responses to the same thread i find even less messages, many of them are deleted just because ONLY ONE person thinks that it is irrelevant. For God sake dont make it like a 3rd grade class room.

    Its discussion, we are not writing a book in which every paragraph stays within the context of a chapter its a disucssion sometimes you touch other subjects to state your point of view but only because you ONLY ONE person dont understands that so it has to be deleted.

    May be this ONLY ONE person is coming after fighting with his wife or his children are not feeling well and making him restless so he is not able to understand the message SO for God sake it is my suggestion to wait at least for 2 or 3 comments if other member thinks that it is irrelevant go for your favourite task and delete the post otherwise only interfere if some one is using foul language. BARDASHT kar bahi...... aab meri yea post bhi delete na kar dena

  • Did you read the discussion going on in the closed threads?

  • @misalligned

    This forum has been infested with far too much nonsense. I will be having zero tollerance towards namecalling, offtopic posts, hate based comments and so on..I believe members who comply with the code of conduct have no issue with this.

    Pkpolitics is a discuss forum and miscreants should know they are not on a picnic in the'hyde Park'. A discuss forum should be treated as a discuss forum and not 'machi bazar'.

  • I believe members who comply with the code of conduct have no issue with this....

    quote of the year..

    ^^^ very true.

  • For a discussion to be constructive, it has to be seriously taken. Making a macchi bazar of it, makes mess of things, and pushes the discussion to non-sense bakwas.

    Moderators should take action (yes zero tolerance) otherwise, sensible people (at least me) would leave the forum.

  • my dear

    my issue is not with those posts which include foul language, which is totally off-topic delete it but dont make yourself a dictator. This forum should be democratic. How come a single person decides that this message is not related with the topic. HOw come you think you are the only one left who could decide what is related and what is not? So what i point out is not activity from moderators but it was too much activity which is making this forum really boring.

    Please go ahead and look at the posts for past few weeks. There are two groups at this forum, one is Khalifa group who are not tolerant and there is anti-khalifa group which in every message tries to put all the blame on islam and ignite khalifa group so every thread is discussing the same topic.

    Few weeks ago this forum was also shared by some neutral contributors which are not there any more. try to find them if you want to keep this forum charming

  • I am aware of the situation that includes presence of groups. It is better not to have miscreants than have them on board and do things similar what they have done in the past couple of hours. See for youself as those thread are closed to comments but still readable.

    Decent people have left because of them and for no other reason.

  • Well, we have a member here who says he is an agent and working to report people to get prosecuted. He threatened few weeks ago and now coming back with threats again. Why allow such rats to troll around here?

    Why pkpolitics allows such members to issue threats and create environment of fear? I understand it is desire of that 3rd class agent to dominate the forum but these tactics are cheap and dirty and should be taken care of by management.

  • He is gone for good!

  • That is good.

    He is kind of agent who can sell their mothers to gain little incentive should be banned for life.

    This kind of threatening and terrorizing of fellow members should not be tolerated.

  • He was given two chances by the administration but than...he wont listen. This type of behaviour cannot be allowed.

  • Also a lablal of NNl,skyfact,shehzad is circulating here.Any one can be labaled as skyfact for un-known reasons.

    Any one at this forum may guess abt certain ID's as the same person but this is just a guess and we should keep it with our selves.

    JJKhan has to post a thread in favour of his clearance that he is not NNL,Shehzad or skyfact.

    Next victi is me myself but am not going to open such thread but members playing such blame games also be banned.As i think as per my knwledge that this is against COC.


  • Members should avoid this game of 'who is who' and leave it to the moderators. The best thing to do is to bring in a nice thread that calls for a productive intellectual debate. Everyone will like it.

  • Exactly.......

  • This post is deleted!

  • "He is gone for good!"

    Jazak Allah khair for taking this step.

  • Dear Moderators,

    I am one or the supporters of your COC.

    Personally I belong to a tolerant, liberal and democratic school of thought.

    I also have a 100% tolerant for those who have 180 degree difference to me.

    What I feel this forum, gradually is turning to be a platform for the promotion of Talibam school of Thought and a defender of Terrorism. Just look at the following sentences from a particular section, what I guess you overlooked or missed to issue a reminder or warning as they might be supporting you personal favorite point of view.

    If this is the policy of the Pkpolitcs then this Platform would be an affiliated Department of Mansoora

    Then what to talk of Intellectual Discussion?

    Now, please read some of the sentences, amounting to violation of COC:

    • They will be killed pulling them out of their dirty holes.

    • They should be hanged in open public for confusing the


    • Ms. Z, you are a fool. You know why?

    • Bastards wanting to have bastardization legal!

    • Zardari harami is not our president?

  • if you want khalifa system then your posts would not be closed

  • zjshami,

    Was your overlooking of your friend's bloody posts intentional? This bias contradicts your claim of being liberal, democratic and tolerant school...

  • This post is deleted!