Taxes.....poor man's burden or his duty only?

  • A common Pakistani has been burdened by a variety of taxes. It’s the common man who has been ‘milked’ extensively by previous as well as the current government, and still the government maintains ‘meager revenue’ recovered.

    The well to do are in a position to pay but not many submit any taxes. It is only the common man who has to comply to this sacred duty and channel money into government cofers!

    Why the government still complains of not enough finance to help out the poor.Where does all the revenue goes? Is there any check and balance?

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  • @LogicalEver

    Very true. Industrialist presence in the Parliament as elected members is substantial. This translates that our very own ‘voted into power elites’ are the main culprits involved towards the spread of corruption found dominant in each and every department in Pakistan.

  • in Pakistan ,only salaried class is paying tax.

    because its on record .

    otherwise feudal lords are not paying taxes on their crops.

    big shot industrialists are not paying taxes.

    even small businessmen knows the tricks to write off taxes.

    bureaucrats are salaried ppl but not paying tax too.

    political leaders are not paying taxes .

    and obviously a poor vegetable seller ,a mason ,a milkman or a barber is not paying tax .

    only a salaried white collar job holder is the one ,who is subject to pay tax and he does.

    this time around they have cut much more tax from the previous months from my salary .

    i ask them

    if Zardari is not paying the tax then whats my fault in it?

    why u have cut Asif Zardari tax from my salary ?

    my cheif accountant said

    your salary is too small to cut Zardari payable taxes from it.