Islam Kay dunya main phailnay main sab say bari rukawat kon ?

  • Islam Kay phailnay main sab say bari rukawat kon hay ?



    3-Islamic Political and terrorsit groups (such as JI,JUI,HT,Alkhawan,Hammas,Taliban,Alqaida etc )


    5-Tablighi Jamaat









    My answer is

    3-Islamic Political and terrorsit groups (such as JI,JUI,HT,Alkhawan,Hammas,Taliban,Alqaida etc )

    Islamic political groups are the one who are creating problem between muslims and non muslims .

    They are the one creating problems for muslims ,spread hatred for non muslims ,not involve in Tableegh ,Want to get into power ,using sentiments and doing nothing for muslims and rest of the world

    there are 5 billion Kafirs in the world who is really trying to bring them in Islam ?

  • I'm waiting to see if you'll bring something new to this forum?

    Your phobia is already well known around here. No need to start pointless threads me thinks.

  • I have no idea

  • netengr,

    First of all congrts to you(athiest) converting to Islam...:).

    Secondly the bench mark is that spread of Islam allaround in the world.

    The conversion rate to Islam is quite high every where as compared to others.

    So on these bases your claim that some one is damaging Islam is void.

    Ppl for tabligh are out their in almost all the countries of the world and due to their sacrifices of all shapes specially leaving home and finacial sacrifice make the others wonder how a person is spending too much for Islam.

    On the other hand life sacrifices are their for islam allaround In the world make non-muslims aware of the fact that ISLAM is something to be take care of at the cost of all the things and wishes.So these different types of sacrifices are a great DAWA for every sensible person out their to think and study ISLAM.

    Due to these facts Islam is spreading all around,day and night,24/7,every corner,every home.


  • Islam is not in danger and Islam will never be in danger.

  • terorists!


  • mulla

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  • #3

  • #3 is existential threat for Islam.

    #1 Zionists are also a major threat.

  • netnegr

    Not sure if it is a coincidence or deliberately done but your opinion is same as position taken by american think tanks (such as Rand Corp -funded by US Govt) who consider Political Islam to be the threat to New World Order.

    Read their reports if you find time they are available for free.

  • The most just societies are not muslim. Why does scandinavia need islam as opposed to the muslim countries needing to be like scandinavia?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    non-Muslim just society? That's new

    I believe, we see this contrast, because Muslims, have abandoned Islam

  • The ‘most just societies’ of today, if one may refer to recent past are former colonists and that includes the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, British, French, Italians etc.

    Continents were colonized; ethnic populations were butchered, downsized and moved to reservations in some. Slavery was a brutal norm. Almost all the former colonies were continuously robbed of their resources till in the 20th century when many were at last given some sort of conditional independence.

    Till date the former colonies, wherever they are, are struggling for a self dependent respectful existence but are denied that by the very same 'just societies' by further economic strangulations and undue, unjust interference in their national affairs by 'placed stooges' by these 'most just societies' of today.

    BTW the given list in this thread is not complete.

  • semirza, moderator bhai, why are you changing the subject of the thread? You delete our comments and close our threads accusing us of the same.

    No one is talking about colonialism and no scandinavian country has been involved in any colonialism. If you want to talk about colonialism, please start a different thread and I will point out the hypocricy of those who promote islamic colonialim even in this day and age but they criminalize present generations of certain countries for what their previous generations may have engaged in.

    When we raise the human rights issue, you want to talk about history :)

  • hariskhan, what prevents individual muslims from acting more justly even if we say all 56 countries are governed by non-muslims?

  • @Aqalib Bhai,

    This was in response to your post:

    'The most just societies are not muslim. Why does scandinavia need islam as opposed to the muslim countries needing to be like scandinavia?'

    Than that makes you 'off topic'.

    As far as me going off topic you may have noticed my remarks about the thread:

    BTW the given list in this thread is not complete.

    If you are calling for mod action, than your post will go. Try to appreciate the good will of a moderator here.

  • Puppet Rulers of the Muslim World and their Armies as well as those groups or firqay, created by British like (Halwa Khore OR Dargahoon say mangnay waly) Brelvies, Ghair Muqalad etc are the biggest hurdle.

  • When you post on a forum, than expect a post in response to yours.

    As far as this topic of 'The biggest hurdle in path towards the spread of Islam' is concerned, the role of 'hypocrites is left out as they are also a more wide spread hurdle that is missing in the given list. Skeptics may not agree but than this is an opinion.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Aqlib: Muslims have abandoned Islam. They enacted a steep dive into the ditch of 'desires' of this world.

    That is the reason of our demise.

    Remember Khalid Bin Walid and battle/war of Yarmook?

    THAT!! was our character, our belief, our faith in ALLAH ALMIGHTY and our religion.

    When Khalid Bin Walid plans the battle with 30 men, but is sent with 60 men go to war against an Army of 60,000 and 59 of those men come back alive

  • the biggest obstacle in Islamic dawah is the absence of the khilafah. only a true Islamic state can propagate Islam in the correct sense.