The Crisis of Islamic Civilization.

  • A new book by Ali Allawi.

    Does he have a point?

  • A good book, generally speaking: a subtle work and sensitive to the complexities of Islam as faith, culture, civilization, as a paradigm and worldview. It is a much needed double edged sword with which the author cuts through the noxious nonsense of both the Wahabi/Salafi literalists (e.g. Chechen and Revivalist) and also shows the door to deracinated, rabid liberal/secularists like yourself (zia m) and those for whom you do cheerleading all the time on this forum and its blogs!

  • Dervaish

    Thanks for your honest opinion.I have not read his book or any other review by Muslims.

    I have always believed Muslims are caught in the middle of orthodoxy on one hand and neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism on the other.We need to rise above both and create a peaceful world.

    The author could be a little biased towards Wahabis because of his personal beliefs.No?