Another dark side of our society

  • Please watch Capital Talk - 14th september 2009.

    Thanks Hamid mir for bringing this issue in front of us. those people who want to invest their efforts physically, financially, you have a great chance to contribute please go ahead.

  • Depressing and heartbreaking! It was really hard to watch that program. uffff meray khudaya.........

    At the same time it was really very encouraging to see that there are some 'children protection' centers to provide shelter to these kids. What a blessing that PML-Q MPA is....She's my role model now!

    Allah unko naik kaam ka ajar ata farmaye. ameen.

  • We need more people like her.

    Wonder if she has a website?

  • I would like to know if there's a way to donate online? Please share if anyone knows. thanks

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Nice show from Hamid Mir. The issues of people need to be raised in mass media. They must be attended to.

    Having said that, isn't this patch work?

    pehle muashre main naa-insafi phelao, phir baad main children protection centers banao ?

    patch work never sealed any wounds. It only helps in increasing the pain.

    Also, I don't agree with notions like;

    • ye hona chahiye

    • wo hona chahiye

    • ye karna chahiye

    • wo karna chahiye

    • use karna chahiye

    I believe in the notion of getting things done and THEN talking about them.

    This kind of talk in worthless bull!-crap

  • musharay ki na-insafi ke shikar logon ko apnay hal par chaur dena chahiye? Ye mutasira log ek haqiqat hain aur unki madad karna muashray ki hi zimadari hai.

  • @hariskhan

    If you want to post nonsense,atleast have some decency.

    Some info on Faiza Asghar;

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I didn't say what was being done should not be done.

    That said, I'm not proud of having the need to establish children protection centers in this country.

    I said, its MORE beneficial to get rid of injustice in our society, so children protection centers are not needed.

    I am pointing at the ideal situation and saying that it is an achievable!!! goal.

    Also, I criticized 'statements' made by politicians, because to date, I see no credible work against those words, which means they carry no weight.

  • Peace guys!!!!!!! whatz the point to fight on some serious , heart breaking issue......let try to find a way to help them by funding or any other means.

  • here is the website:

    Those who could reach physically should at least go there to help those children celebrate a good Eid and others could also help by other means.

    No matter who is and what system is responsible for their misery, we should do something for them as it is happening in front of us.

  • Thanx LetsDoIt

  • LetsDoIt Zindabad for drawing our attention to this!!

    Many thanks.

  • I felt very sad when i watched that program. Just imagine yaar they are little kids the innocent angels but look how brutally society has behaved with them. I must say that such centers should be built in all big cities and there should be a special department to monitor all cities if there are unattended children on the roads, etc. Thus they can help them to go back to their homes.

    On the other hand there should also be awakening of the government responsibility that why parents reach to such a point where they leave their children themselves on the roads or shrines.

  • It is very good work done by PML-Q and must be appreciated. Dr Faiza Asghar’s continued association with the Child Protection Bureau is a good sign and must further be promoted to help needy innocent children of our society.

  • this world is still there and ppl are alive.

    as Good ppl still exists on this planet.