Indian Interest in Baluchistan - Open letter to Sonia Gandhi

  • The Balochs have been ferociously fighting for their independence. They fought their first war of independence in the early 1970s immediately after Bangladesh was born. They thought they could emulate the example of the Bengalis, but Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto, then in power, ruthlessly crushed them with his Air Force. The Balochs sent out frantic appeals for help to Indira Gandhi. Despite her love for the Balochs, she decided not to take any action. She felt it would be neither advisable nor feasible. Moreover, she was aware of the concerns of the Shah of Iran over the freedom struggle of the Balochs of Pakistan. Iran has a large Baloch population on its side of its border with Pakistan.

    The Balochs were totally suppressed by the Punabi-dominated Pakistani Army till 2004. But their desire for independence has remained as strong as ever. They started a second war of independence in December 2005, which continues till now despite the most ruthless actions taken to suppress them by the previous Government of Pervez Musharraf and the present Government of Asif Ali Zardari. Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was killed by the Musharraf government. Many of the young leaders of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) were subsequently killed. Despite this, the freedom struggle continues.

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  • The story appears to be true. On the ground realities in Balochistan are deteriorating with every passing day.

    There is urgent need to tackle the issue wisely and immediately by our leaders, before it is too late.

  • i dont get it why do the Baluch people love India so much rather than a country which they choose to be a part of ?

    Is this all a hype or are we being given valid hints on who is working for the disintegration of Pakistan.


  • Asli Moulana

    pakistan is basically a federation of 4 provinces which surrender certain rights to the federation. Now , if federation doesn't continue within the agreed upon framework , the constituent units (federating units) have every right to consider their options ? Whats wrong in that ?

    Same thing happened in bengal and ultimately bengalis won the freedom from oppressor in 1971 . This is the same thing happening in Balochistan .

  • Asif Sahib

    The question of Bengali revolt can be answered by the reaction of the people to the man who spear-headed the separation of Bengali was killed by the very soldiers whom he used to achieve his goal ?

    so if they were led into failure or were duped by their very own leader isnt it possible that the Balouchis are being duped themselves ?


  • The way I see it is that you can not keep people united on the barrel of gun. These people from different cultures/history/traditions/languages came together on the call of Islamic Ideology but since that was no more than a myth now british colonial tool (Army) that Pakistan inherited (inherited with original spirit) is using same tactics to keep people under control as britisher were doing during their occupation.

  • Balochistan is been a deprived province .

    and its true that it has been neglected a lot by every Govt .

    reason maybe rightly put in the under discussed article .

    that our army has a hold of other ethnic group and community .

    thats why in decision making ,Balochistan was getting sidelined for time and again.

    but now Govt should take Balochistan very seriously.

    rather focusing on gossips by retired army officers.....

  • Asli Moulana

    "The question of Bengali revolt can be answered by"

    Molana sahib, majority revolt nahi karti , its minority which revolts.

  • I have good friends from Baluchistan. Well placed and powerful they feel no shame in mentioning that the cause of plight of a common Baluch has much to do with the Sardari Nizam and less to do in comparison, with army interventions.

    Himself highly educated (one was a minister for the last government)they admit this too that an educated Baluch will never be in their favour.

  • Beenai,

    It is baloch sardari system (baloch culture) vs establishment. As you can see establishment is going to the extent of killing but not allowing sardari system which was there all along during british raj (as these sardars were collaborators)

    Govt can't do much they are helpless in this domain. It is the ego of establishment that needs to be let go..

  • semirza,

    Right, those people are not from tribes (or left tribes), they are city people who do not count much.

  • establishment ego needs to go other wise we have to let go Balochistan ...God Forbid.

  • Majority ??


    U must be very very mistaken Asif Sahib

    Bengalis werent the Minority they were the Majority in Units of Pakistan. They had more than half of the total population of Combined Pakistan. Why do u think were they forced to form a coalition govt.

    Read your history my friend.


  • Beenai

    Aap kaay moonh mein ghee shakar (although i believe u r fasting) , lets qualify it , after aftari.

    Inshallah , masses of this region will enjoy freedom & get their rights pretty soon.

    Pakistani establishment will soon face another 16th dec,1971. Inshallah.

  • semirza

    I would differ with your initial post. Baloch freedom fight started way back in 50's when Khan of Qalat was forced to sign accession treatry with Pakistan and Prince Noroz started the freedom fight.

  • Beenai

    Yes, the establishment must realize people's right and surrender their ego else it wont stop there...

  • Actually this is written by B.Ramam the famous RAW topknob (link is there). Yes I have read that what you have pointed out from books about Baluchistan. Khan was not forced, but allied to the federation. Difference poped up later; thats is for sure.

  • @Asifk,

    federation of Pakistan should be sacred for every Pakistani.

    should u say these kinda things at a public forum?

    if Pakistan will ,God Forbid ,broke into pieces .

    where we all should go ?????????

    do u have any idea ?

    how big blessing this country is for us ...whatever is it .

    despite of all the problems we are facing today .

  • Beenai

    Masses of this region are more important than any federation or state. I stand for the welfare of masses .

    waht happened to bengalis ? R not alvie ? Haven't they made much more progress ? So , whats wrong if breakup of pakistan results in the welfare /betterment of masses ?

  • @Asifk,

    how many of masses lives in Balochistan ?

    how many of masses lives in whole Pakistan?

    have u any idea?

    huge population can not be put on stake for some ppl .

    no2..we even dont have idea ,that the whole of Balochistan wants so or not?