Is Pakistan a darpok nation?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Events of the past 10 years, especially, because we effectively gave up Kashmir, as well as events after 1971, especially after watching the show Live with Talat dated 15-Sept-2009, push me to ask this question from this nation;

    1. Is the Pakistan nation a 'darpok' (in urdu) nation?

    2. Do Muslims of Pakistan fear death?

    3. Is the Pakistani nation scared of Jihad?

    4. Will Pakistani nation stop Jihad just because India doesn't like it?

    I want everyone to give concise [Yes/No] answers against each question;

    P.S. I request admin to delete all unnecessary posts on this thread. This post is strictly for a yes/no answers against the questions asked

  • no*4

  • Bhai some time you have to dig KHANDAK (ref: Gahazwa -e Khandak ) around your city.....and try to avoid 1 - 1, its part of tactic... nothing wrong with it and i dont consider it as " darpok "

  • "...and try to avoid 1 - 1..."

    probably thats a typo and you meant 1-4.

    digging the trench was not a way of avoiding confrontation. the sahaba had left their houses and were in the battle field. it was just a new style in warfare to frustrate the enemy. nothing was being avoided.

  • well thanks for correcting i mean try to avoid 1 - 10,

  • there are different criteria for different nations and it vary from culture to culture .

    as a conservative pathan living in NWFP consider his sister killing a brave act ...if she goes for a love marraige.

    and he will call a Karachite or a Lahorie a Darpok ...

    as he does not take such action if they find themselves in the same situation ...............

    as they say:

    Different Strokes For Different Folks.

    1. Is the Pakistan nation a 'darpok' (in urdu) nation?

    Yes, Because We never be open and try to use dirty terrorist tactics inside and ouside pakistan

    1. Do Muslims of Pakistan fear death?

    Yes ,

    1. Is the Pakistani nation scared of Jihad?

    No ,But If Jihad is due to the terrorist made by agencies and trying to impose their ideology

    1. Will Pakistani nation stop Jihad just because India doesn't like it?

    There is no Jihad against India ,in 90s the terrorist were sent to Kashmir and the kill and hide in civilians just like Taliban .in 90s Qazi and JI mantra was Kashimir Kashimir only and that was the agencies strategy .

    If Pakistan wants Kashimir the army and nation should be one and start war openly .Pakistan should stop using this "karayeh kay Qatil " in the form of Mujhahideen .

  • Yes, we are a 'darpok' nation because we have become very weak due to the following reasons:

    We abandoned our centuries old edge on sciences (Resultantly, we fell far back in science and technology).

    Our Muslim countries started fighting with each other.

    We started killing our own Muslim brothers.

    We did not implement Islamic principles on our lives.

    We could not make our economies strong.

    We over-looked Haqooq-ul-Ibad.


    A weak and hypocrite nation cannot be a brave nation.

  • It is much wiser to stay as 'Darpok', where a Nation is weak by all standards.

    This could be suicide for a sick and weak person to challenge Gama Pahalwan or Anoki.

  • Yes, a nation weak, old, sick, legs in grave and mentally impaired -are actually those who believe in this illusion.

  • Living in peace with other countries and neighbor is consider as "derpoke " ?

  • Not a country, put it's people can be termed as 'bahadur' or 'darpok'. Therefore the topic of this thread, instead, should be

    Are Pakistanis a 'Darpok' nation?

    I believe, to have a control over ons's emotions is 'bahaduri', which we do not possess.

  • Hariskhan,

    Pakistani darpok nahi hay. Angarayzoon kay banaiy howay firqoon nay buzdal bana daiy.

  • After reading your post I checked myself against the questions and HONEST answers are:

    1. Is the Pakistan nation a 'darpok' (in urdu) nation?

    Yes, I know the people responsible for the miseries of myself and my country men but I am afraid to react against them. May be I shall participate in a movement against these peopel or system, but dont wan to be "BARISH KA PEHLA QATRA".

    1. Do Muslims of Pakistan fear death?

    Definitely No. Probably we are not perfect Muslims. Otherwise if it is a Muslim NO.

    1. Is the Pakistani nation scared of Jihad?

    Believe me or not, Pakistanis are not afraid of Jihad. Now a days the meaning of Jihad is distorted, they are confused. If they are sure that it is the call of jihad, they would definitely have no hesitation.

    1. Will Pakistani nation stop Jihad just because India doesn't like it?

    I think India has not stopped its actions agaist us. So Pakistanis will not stop defending themselves.

  • In response to the original post i don't agree with any of the point stated in the post. I can give you logical reasons but u have bound us to close answers simply by yes or no. So i must say none among them.

  • Pakistan is "baysharam" nation.

    Remember when the American Lawyer during the hearing of Amil Kansi" stated "Pakistanis can sell their mother for few dollars".

    This is proved to be very true.

    Shame on us!!!!


  • mfkhan if u are pakistani then plz avoid such words on International/natioanl forums. One must reveal his/her hate but with carefull words. U know i rarely heard any indian blaming their country or nation on public forums/meetings. Keep it mind abusing others also counts for you ( i am talking in general sense). Hope u wont mind it.

  • Well the fact is a fact.

    What else you want me to say "Pakistan Zindabad"?

    No dear, we can not compete with India. We are in line with countries like Afghanistan, Nepal etc.


  • This post is deleted!

  • We are not darpokes as a nation but our leaders dont have the courage to stand against their personal Interests.