For All Expatriates

  • Tamza.... What language do you speak? Just a bit surprised for a non pushtun to take interest in Pushtu Music...

  • Dear Khan Sahib, its nothing to be wondered about, i can speak & understand mulitiple languages but by origin KHAKSAAR is pashtoon. I have requested other Pasthoons to translate the lyrics mainly for two reason.

    1. I did on my part as have sorted a good piece.

    2. I wouldnt be good trasnlator as in presence of other Pashtoon friends. Like you, i remember one of the poem posted by you ( of Bullah Shah, its one of my favorite)few months ago, there was an english translation to this poem so i think u or other can do best in this reagard. Also i suggest to visit that poerty thread where i have posted few others especially by Mulana Roomi & Iqbal.

  • I surely will do that over this weekend when I am off work. Catch u later on that thread!

  • I just heard the first song which is very....... Moving!

    Being Pushtun it's very hard to accept that we can cry if have tears in our eyes but I will have to admit that this song had the same effect!

    May ALLAH keep all of us In his AMAAN and protect our country as we seems to he weak against the enemies within!!!!!!!

  • & that was the reason i was inviting others for translation, i know i wont be able to explain the depth & spirit. I wish we all can remove our prejudices & move toward productivity. & i wish we can bring back all our Pakistani talent to our county & i wish together we can prove as a united nation. Anyways its the way i feel & i pray all can feel.......

  • I'm kinda curious to know what this song is all about...

    There are many pashtuns on this forum, they should be able to come up with a translation.

  • Dear Sohail i will again ask pashtoon fellows to explain for everyone in Urdu or in English otherwise i shall try my best in this regard.

    JJ Khan, Mulla, Khurram can you guys help? Dr.Khan already said that he ll try. Lets hope if someone can.

  • misaligned and letsdoit are also pashtuns.

  • Hmmm then there are many beyond my expectations. What about crocodile? did u get any clue?

  • crocodile is half pathan. lol

    I hope they'll remove his ban and allow him back.

  • hope so ...........well it means nothing to me if you or anyone else is pastoon or punjabi. The only rishta is Human Being & Muslims too ( for Muslims fellows).

  • dumra pakhtoo na razi.. hershaway daa..

    lived all my life out of province... when i go to my area they call me punjabi and when i go to punjabi they call me pathan...

    identity crisis!

  • A distressing fact what actually is our identity? I think we all living with multiple Identities. U know these things needs to be discussed rather then mud masking.

  • I had the same problem during my stay in Pakistan... Everytime I will visit our village, my cousins etc will call me karcheewaal(Karachite) and will make fun of my pushtu... In Karachi they would identify me as Pakhtoon (Like every true Pukhtoon, I hate the term Pathan)

    Reflecting back, I realised that in 70's and 80's specially and even now, Pukhtoons were called names like, Akhroat,Pissta, and there were some lines ... pathan bhai pissta.... &^%&!"&^%$!)!("&! and 99% of the people making fun were urdu speaking... You all can self reflect and try to do some soul search and u will realise that it does have an effect on ones self confidence. Similarly Muhajir were called matarwa, taleer, panahgeer etc...U can imagine that the hurt it caused to generations of our time..

    Indeed we all have the Identity crisis.....even now!

  • tamza..

    My cousin is visiting from Peshawar and he is a Pakka Pukhtoon...I am getting this translated with his help but let me warn u that it might not have the same soul effect...

    its like explaining ghalib in english... or Rehman BABA in Urdu!

  • Khan Lala i do agree you for the second post & regarding 1st post i must say those who calls/humiliate persons for their identities are by themselves are non staisfied persons.To me these people faith, thinking & beliefs should be shaken, those who are calling true muslims themselves are not understanding the fact that they actually are spoiling the name of not only Isalm but their culture as well. I am also a target of identity issue, some call me pushtoon, some punajbi,some Arabi & very upsetting to me is Angraiz. But i am statisfied with what i am. There are aslo some "setrotypes" relating to most of Pastoons & punjabis in Pakistan. I wonder if ppl while generalizing some one ( coz of their prejudices) never even think once as thier behavior can have impact upon others? I always try to ignore ppl for their Sterotype & Identity kind of issue but whenever got a suitable chance i just showed them the differnce. Have thousand of stories in my mind but only we can hope to be improved mentaly. Kabhi kabhi tou i feel kay abhee tou mairy agay zindagee paree hai agar humaree qoam aysay hee rahee tou main tou mar jaon gee, i wish & i pray we can bring changes in our attitudes. U remember one of y post on google? I have suggested that education is not important but working out with ppl through their culture & beliefs work alot. I did it & trying to do & u know its working.Idendity crisis is also in my mission.