Midterm Election

  • What is the constituional method to force a midterm election? I'm just trying to educate myself, not recomending to bring down the current govt.

  • president dissolves assemblies and administers midterm elections


    But 18 amendment is holding shareef brothers from neck...

  • So it's a president's prerogative?

    How about the members of parliament? Can there be a no-confidence motion or anything?

  • no-confidence only on PM for re-election not midterm elections

    only president can do that, but you know there are ways to get that done.. like they say it is Pakistan anything is possible!

    supreme court proceedings can result in removal of president but then chairman senate will become president... may be agencies can do a little arm twisting to get that done... like what they did with farooq leghari

  • I was of the opinion that it could be forced if you have the majority in the house on your side.... I was wrong.

    What if a party withdraws their support to coallition govt, and they are short of minimum required to form a govt?

  • Then PM would be re-elected, cabinet would be dissolved and president would offer PM to majority coalition, after PM then cabinet will be selected and oath be taken...

  • That's messed up!

    There should be a way to call for new election if there's a 'weak coallition' govt in place.

    Canada is about to have 4th general election in last 5-6 years cuz each time they get a weak minority govt.

    This should be included in the 18th amendment.

  • yes, but again only the president can call that shot.

  • Here is a unique situation where PM/president/chairman senate/speaker/deputy speaker... all are PPP !!!

  • if president is disqualified by supreme court, and chairman senate is out of country then deputy chairman can dissolve the assembly!

    and guess who is deputy chairman senate ;-)

    PML-Q leader Jan Mohammad Jamali


  • Wishful thinking there! lolz

    Zardari is untouchable until he's in the seat of president.

  • here in Pakistan.

    constitutionally PM is the chief executive of the company .

    but practically

    President is the Chief executive and whole and sole in command .

    as every President has twisted badly in their own favor

    so we can see a powerful President in Presidency

    no matter

    its Ayub ,Yahya ,Zia ,Ishaq Khan,Lagahri,or Mush or Zardari.

    Taqat Ka Sarchushma PRESIDENT ki zaat hay .

    awam nahin .

    unfortunately .

  • Constitutionally, PM can disssolve the national asssembly at anytime except when a no-confidence motion has been tabled against him.

    Also, if the government loses its majority and no candidate for PM has been able to get support of the majority, assembly is dissolved, unless parliamentarians decide to allow a minority government to continue.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Running away from re-establishing JUSTICE SYSTEM?

    Looking for a short cut? to resolve all our problems?

  • Haris Khan,

    Though your post is off the topic, but I like to understand your methodology of re-establishing justice system -plz.

  • This post is deleted!