Brelvi Taliban against Maimuna Murtaza

  • Now Brelvi Talibans declared Maimuna Murtuza daughter of Malik ghulam Mustafa a "Gustakh-e-rasool " .

    She has quit the QTV because of the threat and leaving Pakistan .

    Wah bhai jis ka bhi dil chahay gustakhi ka fatwa laga day

    Here is brelvi propaganda

    What she has translated in written in Quran ,The brelvi Talib Mulla calling is a Gustakhi ...

  • No religious threads of this kind plz...

    why are you spreading hatred, don't you have anything positive ever to add anywhere?

  • In our society people use religion and threat others ,this is not discussed in Newspapers ,then why this is ban in the forum .

    I do not want to discuss what she said ,but my point is if some one did "gustakhi " then this should be presented in the court ,not a group should take revenge and spread hatred .

    I am not spreading hatred ,the hatred is being spread by these Mullas

  • I can understand your frustration but these generalized condemnation of whole population isn't wise. There is a history of murtaza family vs - - -

    i don't want to get into that, but like to advise you to get out of that narrow mentality of bashing this mulla or that mulla... no one is supporting these mulla of any kind.. but respect all and try to understand things you will know better...

  • This post is deleted!

  • Since when did 'Brelvi' have anything to do with 'Taliban' ?

    s|ck! piece of crap :-)