Suicide bombers and Orakzai agency

  • We have to appreciate Pak Army which successfully defeated terrorists in many parts of Pakistan, thus reducing the terrorists incidents mainly suicide attacks. It is important to note that now a days terrorists have shifted their suicide apparatus in Orakzai agency. Terrorists problem in Waziristan is a low priority as most dangerous terrorists have found safe heavens in Orakzai. Now it is very important that our forces act on time and spare us from further terrorists butchery in Pakistan. Todays suicide attack in Kohat is reminder that we have to chase and finish terrorists in Pakistan where ever they hide. Amin

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  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Unless we have a STRONG justice system which OBEYS Islam, there's no way of containing terrorists, criminals within any tangible bounds.

    Terrorists, criminals keep changing their tactics. Army cannot keep fighting them forever.


    What is source of your news? care to share?

  • Punishing entire population and punishing criminals are two different things. Our Army/Govt is involved in punishing entire population by snatching away their homes, source of income, lives and property.

  • Haris khan

    You are right but every one has his own version of Islam.Osama Bin Laden does not acknowledge Saudi Government as Islamic. Maulana Aziz of Lal Masjid even said that Imam of Kaaba was wrong.the solution is to become tolerant and broad minded and not to become fanatic.

  • baba_ji's understanding is that "every one has his own version of Islam", this is factually incorrect. Islam has only one version, people may have difference of opinion on understanding.

    For example let us take constitution of Pakistan, you will get different opinions from legal experts on a given case. All will have their understanding based on legal reasoning, that doesn't mean that there are different versions of constitution?

  • jjkhan

    There are different interpretations of the same law by different Supreme Court judges. True Islam is the only Islam that you are practicing everyone else is misguided and wrong.

  • "There are different interpretations of the same law by different Supreme Court judges."

    but still it doesn't mean that there are different versions of the constitution, which is the point that JJ made!

    "True Islam is the only Islam that you are practicing everyone else is misguided and wrong."

    read JJ's post again. and try to understand it. i know its hard for you. but try!

  • Suicide bombing is a crime against humanity. There cannot be any logic to justify suicide bombing. It is the creation of criminal / sick mentality. The supporters of suicide bombing are also criminals and sick people.

    Therefore, all the networks of suicide bombing should be smashed with all the available force and resources, where ever they may exist.

  • bebus,

    Can not agree with you more, but punish those who are responsible, don't punish the whole society by evicting them through short notice and start indiscriminate bombing to destroy everything of everyone.

  • @JJ Khan

    Yes, I agree with you on procedural tactics/methodology which should be fair, to punish only those who are responsible.

  • shahzad1924 jjkhan

    There are words in language that change their meanings over time. There are words that have more than one meaning. A constitution can stay the same but the definition of a word can change or a single word can have several meanings. So the same thing can have a totally different meaning over time even though it remains the same on paper. For more information you can study development of a language.

  • Hakeemullah Mehsud and company have said that suicide bombing is their atom bomb and most effective weapon of taliban.

  • lotay

    Don't know why you have a habit of getting into circular arguments, so i will not deliberate further after this.

    Words/terms/articles/text in a constitutions are defined by jury and legal experts. You don't walk into a linguistic to get meaning of a legal text. I remember you were copying/pasting something on linguistics a few weeks ago but that doesn't apply here.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @bebus: O .. I don't know.

    I could think of at least one reason to justify 'suicide bombings' i.e., a way of taking revenge at a time WHEN there is NO other way of getting justice in a civilized way, for the crime committed against a person.

    AFTER ALL, ALL of us agree, there is ZERO justice, justice system in our society. It has been this way for more than 2 decades now.

    Don't we all agree with that?

  • @hariskhan

    Dear friend,

    Your observation to take revenge by suicide bombing in the situations where there is no other way of getting justice carries weight.

    But we see that most of the suicide bombing attacks are carried out to kill innocent civilians, perhaps with an aim to terrorize the people. Can you justify it? Do you apprehend that by doing suicide bombings justice could be revived in the system?

  • @jjkhan

    There are no disputes on interpretation of constitutions.If so, the confusions are removed over time.Or there is some adjudicator who gives judgements on disputes if any.The example of religious interpretations is different from interpretations of constitution,because the constitutions are written by human beings,and they can interpret it,decide it and develop consensus. This is not the case with religions, where the final judgement would be given by whom?can someone give a judgement that who is fighting a jihad Pak Army or the Muslim Tribals?

  • The subjects of:

    -Suicide bombers

    -Innocent civilians!

    -Who is doing Jihad-Pak Army or Muslims Tribals?

    To discuss them you have to take each act according to their backgrounds, causes/motivations, aims and targets so as to have a better and justifiable understanding. A rational and unbiased analysis is called for. Generalization may not be a conclusive approach to these topics for example:

    A suicide bomber:

    What are the causes or motivations behind this destructive self immolation?

    -Religious cohesion,


    -Ideological brainwash,

    -Organizational dissension,



    -Mental retardation/terminal illness

    -Drug dependency,

    -Poverty (A pride to avail considerable cash to his/her dependents bargaining his/her life)

    More could be added to the list, but all mentioned have been used/exploited successfully in many places world wide.

    Likewise a Palestinian suicide bomber has Israeli authorities and Israeli public both as targets, to whom they accuse of illegally occupying and populating Palestine with Jews, therefore they do not have a concept of ‘innocent civilians’. Justified in a sense that in this case Israeli civilians themselves are the illegal occupants. Plus most of Palestinian suicide bombers are the ones who have lost some or almost all members and dear one’s to Israeli aggression. All they have to inflict damage on Israelis is, stones, sling shots or some light arms. To self immolate is their method of choice so as to inflict maximum possible damage to their enemy.

    An Afghan suicide bomber has a somewhat similar motive if he is fighting foreign occupiers. But on the other hand one who resorts to such means against the writ of a legal and internationally recognized government is just a saboteur acting solo, aided by anti national forces local or else, and committing an act of treason which is certainly not an act of jihad. He will also be responsible of killing innocent civilians.

    Similarly 1965 Indian offensive on Pakistan by moving 600 strong tanks in one time was halted successfully by infantry personal tying landmines to their bodies and throwing themselves in the path of tanks, blowing them up, was a noble act of Jihad and not suicide in any way.

    If the tribals feel that they have been mistreated grossly, their appraisal may be labeled as ‘struggle against suppression by the government’. They can call it Jihad/freedom struggle but the government may label it as a rebellion. Here the government concerned will be at fault.

    Members may not agree, but then this is my opinion that may be different than yours and open to further discussion.

  • The suicide attacks from Sawat on the name of Nafaz-e-Shariat is freedom struggle or fighting against foreign elements ?