Indians Have A Mole Inside Pak Embassy In Washington?

  • ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Pakistan's ambassador to Washington Mr. Hussain Haqqani made a classified communication on July 28 with Pakistan's Foreign Secretary and the ISI chief.

    Six weeks later, on Sept. 12, as Pakistani President Asif Zardari prepared to leave for the United States for meetings with US officials, an Indian news affiliate with CNN broke the story that Ambassador Haqqani has complained about a secret blacklist of US journalists and NGO-types and strongly protested denying them visas to enter Pakistan. Mr. Haqqani warned his government in the letter that this could hurt military hardware transfers and US aid pledges.

    The stunning part of the story is that a classified internal communication to the Pakistani government found its way to CNN-IBN, an Indian television news network in New Delhi.

    The leak is timed for maximum damage to Pakistan's interests.

    A Pakistani source that has worked closely with the US government, and does not want to be named, described this 'leak' in this way: "I feel so bad to read the CNN-IBN claim that, and I quote—'Dated July 28, 2009, the letter [is] in CNN-IBN's possession'. What are we, a banana republic?"

    That is not all. The unnamed analyst adds: "Also keep in mind that this (most likely a) "classified" letter (which also "bears the seal of the Pakistan Ambassador") was written by our Ambassador to the Foreign Secretary (classified), Interior Secretary (classified) and DG, ISI (double classified!)."

  • thats why they call him the "US Ambassador to Pakistan in Washington"

  • Politics and foreign policies are no different to handle same like chess.

    Tabloid junkies...........

  • Leakage of information by clandestine means from any Embassy is a serious matter!

  • may be like chess, but it depends on player. some play with a plan and some play reactionary moves.