Kerry -- Lugar Bill passed -Eid gift for zardari!

  • zardari and co. have received their eid gift.. this is real eid for them!

    Money for corrupt rulers, shackles for common population..

  • kaam ka banda hai...establishment kai liya mashwara..zardari nuclear asasay bhi bikwa sakta hai.. billions tau milay gain..

  • good news for Bilawal,Bakhtawar and Asifa .

    more money,more enjoyment ,more luxuires .

    bad news for poor public of Pakistan.

    more taxes ,more cuts in their rights,more surrenders ,more pressures .

  • Financial situation of Pakistan was weak and shaky so he made sure that we should at least have few more billions in breathing space which he could easily plunder,after all he didn't cooked up that Banazir's "will" and did all the effort to be president of bankrupt Pakistan.

  • d0ct0r sb

    bankrupt for common population, but super rich for the rulers!

  • More money to spend their next vacation to Europe.

    Not a single penny would reach us the awam (we the people).

    More facilities for American armies (normal ones and others in the cloak of private armies).

    More pressure to do (even) more.

    More handover of OUR people to FRIENDS of Pakistan (UK and USA).

  • all these aids have harsh strings attached to them which rarely get highlighted on media.

    literal slavery of entire nation in return of few dollars...

  • Just curious if someone can please explain how Kerry-Lugar makes slavery of Pakistan. Please be specific about the "harsh strings attached." I have not read this law so I do not know what it says. Since you are convinced it is so bad I assume you have read it, so please let me know what it says.

  • You can read it, it is available for public access.

    Classical carrot stick policy to achieve their regional designs. One should be aware of geopolitical situation to relate developing situation with broader picture. You may want to read various analytical reports available. Shireen Mizari also wrote a column on it.