Richard Holbrooke - A Zionist Running The War In Afghanistan

  • To understand why Obama is pushing the war in Afghanistan, one needs to understand that the Obama administration is really a Zionist-controlled government. If this were not already abundantly clear, it can be seen by the person appointed to apply U.S. policy in the region. That person is Richard Charles Albert Holbrooke, one of Obama's first appointments. Holbrooke, a Zionist Jew and a long-time associate of Henry Kissinger, is the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Holbrooke is described by State Dept. workers as "abrasive and arrogant." He is a student of Kissinger-style diplomacy with a "hyperaggressive style," according to Meryl Gordon of New York Magazine. Holbrooke and Kissinger have been friends and co-workers since the early 1960s in Vietnam. Gordon wrote that Holbrooke is often described as "arrogant, ambitious, pushy, relentless, argumentative, ego-obsessed, social-climbing, and just plain rude." James Hoge, editor of Foreign Affairs said, Holbrooke is brusque and impatient with those who disagree with him. "Dick can't brook argument. He's right, you're wrong."

    On January 22, two days after taking office, Obama named Holbrooke as special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan. At this point, the U.S. government had already bailed-out Holbrooke's company to the tune of some $180 billion, the largest government bail-out in U.S. history.

    When critics call the conflict in Afghanistan "Obama's Vietnam" they are not far off. Holbrooke was a key player in the Vietnam war from 1962 to 1969. His biography concerning Viet Nam looks like this: Joined Foreign Service US Department State, 1962, served in South Vietnam Saigon, 1963-66; staff member The White House, 1966-67; assigned US Department State; staff Paris Peace Talks on Vietnam, 1968-69.

    Holbrooke and Kissinger have continued to work very closely together at the American Academy in Berlin, which they founded in 1994. The academy is located in a lakeside mansion across from the train station in Wannsee. In 2008, Holbrooke gave the Kissinger award to George H.W. Bush. Why are Holbrooke and Kissinger giving prizes to former U.S. presidents?

    In an odd breach of protocol, Henry Kissinger was sent by the Obama administration to hold high-level talks with the leaders of Russia in March instead of the Secretary of State. Why was Kissinger speaking for the United States under the newly-elected Obama administration? Who really makes U.S. foreign policy?

    Holbrooke also played a key role in the U.S.-led bombing and subsequent Balkanization of Yugoslavia, in which the formerly prosperous and socialist nation was carved up into ethnic mini-statelets. The breaking up of Yugoslavia resulted in a significant reduction in the standard of living across the nation. NATO continues to control the statelet of Kosovo, which was literally ripped off from Serbia along with Trepca, one of the richest mines in Europe.

    Holbrooke, who is called "the bulldozer" by some who know him, is a pushy individual who has been involved at the highest level in one disaster after another since the early 1960s. Now he is the point man in a disastrous and senseless war in Central Asia, which has gotten much worse since he joined the effort in January 2009. Why is Holbrooke put into such positions of power in the first place? The man, after all, has a long record of creating mega-disasters.

    To understand why Holbrooke is put into these positions, it is necessary to understand who he really is. Although it is not reported in biographical sketches, Holbrooke belongs to a very highly-connected family that is related to the Rothschild and Guggenheim families, among others. It is his German Jewish family connections that have placed him in positions of power in the U.S. government.

    Richard Charles Albert Holbrooke was born April 24, 1941, to Dan Holbrooke and Gertrudis "Trudi" Moos Holbrooke. Dan, his father, was a Polish Jewish immigrant who changed his name to Holbrooke. Biographical sketches claim that Dan's original surname has been lost, which is very unlikely. Dan Holbrooke's real name has been hidden in the same way that the family has sought to hide its Jewish roots. But why would the Holbrooke family want to hide its Jewishness? It it because that is their secret connection to power that they want to conceal?

    Holbrooke's father, whose real name is not known, died when Holbrooke was 16. His mother comes from the influential merchant Moos family of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. The Moos family is engaged in leather trading and moved their business to Argentina in 1922. Holbrooke's grandfather Samuel Moos was born in Reutlingen in 1889 and married Valesca Friedheim of Zurich. Samuel and Valesca lived in Buenos Aires where the leather-trading business is run in the name of the company founder, Elias Moos S.A. The Moos family, which is related by marriage to the Rothschild, Guggenheim, Weil, Marx, and Einstein families, traveled frequently by ship between Buenos Aires, New York, and Europe. There is even a seminar room at Tel Aviv University named in honor of Samuel and Valesca Moos. The Moos family collected nearly 1 million Swiss francs from Switzerland in 2007 for money they claimed to have lost in accounts during the war, which was multiplied by a factor of 12.

    U.S. troops have been in Afghanistan since October 2001 when they were supposedly sent in response to 9-11, although no Afghans were involved in the terror attacks. The stated aim of the Anglo-American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 was to find Osama Bin Laden and other Al Qaida members and put them on trial. The U.S., however, said it had given up its pursuit of Osama Bin Laden years ago. So why did the U.S. and Britain really invade Afghanistan -- and why are we still there? Why has President Obama increased troop levels in Afghanistan? The short answer is the TAPI gas pipeline, which will carry gas from Israeli-owned and managed gas fields in Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and China.

    Turkmenistan and Afghanistan are both very rich in gas reserves. The Turkmen mineral assets are managed by the former Mossad agent Yosef Maiman. Building the TAPI pipeline is a Zionist pipe dream that will use the mineral wealth of Turkmenistan to benefit Maiman and his partners. This is the main development project that U.S. policy is trying to accomplish. Transit fees from the gas pipeline are intended to support the government in Kabul.

    By understanding who Richard Holbrooke really is, what his agenda is, and who he is working for, we can see that there is a secret Zionist agenda behind the war in Afghanistan. With the appointment of Holbrooke, who is known as "the bulldozer" to oversee U.S. policy in the region, the 8-year-old war which has now spread to Pakistan is bound to become much worse. The strategic goal of the war in Afghanistan has nothing to do with terrorism and never did. Officials and media who claim that it is are simply lying.

    Sources and Recommended Reading:

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  • @semirza, please stop spreading hatred on this site being a moderator. Holbrook is atheist. Even if he was a Jew, it does not mean he is not qualified for the job he is doing. On top of that, zionism has nothing to do with afghanistan or pakistan so why post such made up conspiracy theories to promote your khalifa system? If he worked with Kissinger then it's good because Pakistan had great relations with US during Kissinger's time and was in better condition.

  • Why Osama stared Jihad in 90s against the west after afghan war ?

    Was this Zionist idea ?

  • Spreading hatred! I am surprised. Have you not seen the references provided?

  • I am glad to read about boss of kayani/zardari/gilani/malik has these qualities:

    Gordon wrote that Holbrooke is often described as "arrogant, ambitious, pushy, relentless, argumentative, ego-obsessed, social-climbing, and just plain rude."

    Anything against their boss is hatred, extrmism, terrism, fundamlism... LOLism...

  • So Gates,Obama,Bush,Chini,Halbrooke are the same 'Madrasa' students.

  • They are going to kill us and want RESPECT as a friend from Muslims.

  • Christian madrasa `s in usa are spreading like wild fire.

    Pakistan must send in troops to america and arrest these christian MULLAHS..

  • @semirza

    USA, especially Holbrook is termed as savior to Muslims in Yugoslavia.

    If it is true, why A Zionist Holbrook, with the support of NATO, became a savior to Muslims in Bosnia (1992-1995) against the Serb Christian’s terrible brutalities led by Slobodan Milosevic for the genocide of the Muslims.

  • Holbrook, who was part of the team responsible for chaos and disorder in Vietnam and Cambodia while he was just 24 year of age, has since been playing with blood in most of his 68 years of life. In his last visit to Pakistan he had ordered bombing of Swat resulting in hundreds of thousands of Muslims displaced and loss of property and lives of innocent women children and the elderly.

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  • our enemies are our friend mentality. they want to destroy us and we think they are "savior to Muslims"

  • There is not a single leader at the moment in Pakistan who is representing true thinking, emotions and reality of the people.

    Everyone has been exposed and this tension between rulers/leaders and nation is not going to last for long because people are going to win, sooner the rulers learn, better for them.

    There are about six ahadith on ghazwah-e-hind and I don't think this land will be totally occupied because the armies from this region are going to take on the world -sooner than later!

  • usman1423

    You said

    ......our enemies are our friend mentality. they want to destroy us and we think they are "savior to Muslims.....

    and we Muslims do not have any such intention against them, perhaps we are their well wishers !

    JJ Khan said:

    ......There are about six ahadith on ghazwah-e-hind and I don't think this land will be totally occupied because the armies from this region are going to take on the world -sooner than later!

    Do these words not speak of aggressive intentions from our side (the armies from this region are going to take on the world -sooner than later!)

    Army take overs never last long even if successful.

  • Armies invade and as a result civilizations are taken over, eradicated through mass genocide (there are examples of Australia, Americas, New Zealand, Canada etc where the original inhabitants are confined to 'reservations')or indoctrinated with new ideologies against their will.

    These words (by JJ Khan) are from a subject of a civilization, wary of a possible ongoing occupation and expressing a futuristic scenario backed by Ahadis-e-Nabvi that Muslims cannot refute or sideline specially now, when a lot is going on in our areas of existence.

  • Every one has a right to be stupid but some people just about the privilege. (change some people with Pakistani nation)

    Just to add an line on Halbrook Balkanization, Bosina boundaries are drawn is such a shameful manner to make it sure that this fragile Muslim state don’t get a sea port and they always dependent on Christian racists states of Crotia and Serbia.

    He was assigned a task to bring anarchy in Pakistan and that’s what he is doing.

    One should study history to be better prepared for future. Course of history is not going to be different in our case. Zardari is going to get same place as Nadir shah in annals of history