Blame on Agencies ..........

  • Government always come up with same statement, translating in urdu , you guys must have heard million times

    " Dekhiye ji in sub ke peechay agencio ta haath hai "

    What exactly they mean by behind all this there's a hand of agencies, are they working under ISI , POLICE , RANGER , FC , ARMY ? or unknown force which can do anything anytime perfectly as they want and MR.MALIK comes on screen and say this specially, agencies like ISI etc...... are under constitution or they have their own rules , which has nothing to do with PAKISTAN's constitution ....... do they have any law firmed to follow or they or born to be wild

  • Israel ,USA ,IRAN ,SAudi Arabia and Pakistanis agencies are called the strong intelligence agencies .

    but Islam ,USA,Iran and Saudi Arabia are peaceful and Pakistan has law and order ,taliban and aliqda issue

    Jo Army ,Police aur intelligence agencies logon ko aman na day sakain un ka weapon and intelligence kis kaam ki

  • exactly I agree with you netegnr

    means those who create these forces cannot handle them,yet every common person is their target, by the way how many intelligence agencies pakistan needs ? because I can see my country suffering only because of corrupt system of government.

  • When these agencies do a "JOB" in govt favour then the govt praise them as our brave soldiers / jawans otherwise it's @agencies!

    There is no doubt that ISI is jinnie out of bottle now which u can't do much about it but st least obe can try to restrain it as there work should be to act n protect pakistan n not help corrupt n use corrupt politicians. In my books, a Pimp is equally bad as the w h o r e!

  • these are just tools, depends on how the rulers intend to use them.

  • agencies always do things under the table hiding and redirect public opinion at all times when they want to. it was more like that in past decades until recently when private channels came out due to Musharraf.

  • unfortunately,agencies are always have a role to play in our set up and our politicians are too lull to handle their interference ...indeed they enjoyed it ...only if its against their political opponent.