Af-Pak border is epicentre of terrorism: Hillary

  • she should quit politics.

  • Quiting isn't going to help because it isn't about a person's wishes or desires.

    She is just a front end face of a corrupt establishment.

  • Did we have this so called 'terrorism' during Zahir Shah's days or shall we say this game is nothing but noora kushti! USSR occupies providing an excuse to Western Block and it all starts and the same game has been played or repeated in other parts of the world. Are Russians, Americans and others not together in this game now against the war on 'terror' in Afghanistan. Shame on those who first occupy a nation and when they face resistance there, they label it as terrorism.

  • Ok,

    Let's define the epicenter.

    It is a well known fact that the US has been fighting a war in Afganistan against USSR in 80s. They have been training all these "terrorists". The command center must have been the famous pentagon.

    After the Afgan war priorities changed. Pakistan backed trainees known as taliban captured most of Afganistan, now this is what USA would not like. In the end of 80s decade we heard that Afganistan would soon be 5th province of Pakistan. An ambitious thinking but based on few facts! So the artists of war again came to action and new world order is painted such that the yesterday's mujahideen become today's terrorists. But again (in my opinion) they are fighting for their masters at pentagon. They hatch all these wars AGAINST Americans such that USA gets an excuse to interfere in Iraq and in Afganistan. So the center of all the FASAD on earth is the land called USA and it is the epicentre of all the current quakes happening in this part of the world called Af-Pak area.