Police and children

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    Three held for child sex trade in Faisalabad

    Dawn Correspondent

    Friday, 25 Sep, 2009

    A joint team of the bureau and police raided a hotel’s room and arrested three alleged kidnappers. The police also rescued another boy in the raid. –File Photo

    FAISALABAD: The Child Protection Welfare Bureau (CPWB) with the help of police rescued two abducted boys allegedly being sexually abuse and arrested three kidnappers from a hotel situated at a Bus Stand Road here on Thursday.

    During an operation, the CPWB officials caught Iqbal, 13, who provided information about the accused.

    A joint team of the bureau and police raided a hotel’s room and arrested three

    alleged kidnappers identified as Yasir, Zulfiqar and Qasim. The police also rescued another boy, Kareemullah, 18.

    Alleged ringleader Abdullah, a police constable, managed his escape just minutes before the raid.

    Talking to reporters, one of the boys said the criminals used to send them to ‘customers’ for sex.

    He said the ‘customers,’ most of them commuters, visited them throughout the day and the area police were well aware of the activities of the gang.

    ‘The criminals often beat us up with a club if we refuse to go with any customer,’ he said.

    CPWB district officer Umer Bhatti said Iqbal had been under treatment at the bureau and discharged a couple of months ago.

    He said finding him at bus stand along with a disabled person, he was quizzed about his presence.

    Bhatti said: ‘Iqbal led the team to the hotel where we caught a criminal red-handed who was abusing Kareemullah.’

    He said constable Abdullah and Rana Abbas were also involved in criminal activities.

    The police have registered a case and are conducting raids for the arrest of remaining criminals.

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