Pakistani colonization qaeda agents cought in the US

  • al qaeda plot to train terrorist agents in pakistan and kill innocents in america has been foiled this week. Three plots were prevented by the alert american authorities

  • Any link to the news given by you here?

  • plots... conspiracies... thoughts...etc have been unfolding for last 8 years... they arrest people based on suspicion of conspiracy.

    usually they frame people by using cover up agents who portray themselves as sincere muslims and lure common people into their frame... Mr. Mulla confessed that he was up to similar job here..

  • JJ Khan, who is running the terrorist training camps?

    Did anyone ask him to go and train to kill as a conspiracy also?

  • Aqlib,

    I don't know, but my point here is that they arrest people based on suspicions.

    You could also be a suspect due to your racial profile.

  • If it is about racial profiling then they would have never let him enter in the first place.

    Don't forget who the americans have elected as president, as well

  • I know president's profile quite well.

    It is the racial profile of Pakistanis that comes in red-zone. Being liberal or conservative comes later, first it is about one's origin and religion.

  • may be because pakistanis tolerate and even promote anti-americanism for wrong reasons(there are legitimate reasons) that pakistanis invite to be investigated and be under constant watch of FBI

  • Fine, there could be thousands of possible reasons or explainations, but this 'why' is another discussion.

    Currently everyone gets equal treatment due to belonging to a particular racial profile, irrespective of liberal or conservative views, we are all equal in their eyes.

  • why would they pick pakistanis, they have enough of most other nationalities. I am asking this as a counter argument to be clear.

  • I am sure you are quite aware of geopolitics, but I'll try to sum it up in one sentence as a hint.

    Pakistan became sole launch pad where ideological and material infrastructure was setup to defeat USSR. That job we accomplished, but now that infratructure has gone out of control.

    Haven't you read the statements of American politicians such as there are more terrorist per square mile in Pakistan than the whole world?

  • so you agree that the "infrastructure" that was set up to defeat USSR had its own goals and continues to kill innocents regardless of whether the US is involved or not

  • By Issam Ahmed | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

    Lahore, Pakistan – (1) The revelation that US immigrant and would-be bomber Najibullah Zazi received training in Pakistan is likely to prove somewhat damaging to the Pakistani government, already under fire for not following up on its military success in the Swat Valley and northern tribal regions with ground offensives in either North or South Waziristan.

    In a case that US security experts have called one of the most significant threats to the country since Sept. 11, (2) the young Afghan was indicted on Thursday by a federal grand jury in New York on suspicion of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. According to an FBI dossier submitted before the court, Zazi "received detailed bomb-making instructions" in Pakistan, where he resided from August 2008 to January 2009 before leaving for Denver……………………………………….

    Meanwhile, militant training camps in the country are evolving into makeshift, fly-by-night arrangements that are more difficult for the authorities to close down, says Rifaat Hussain, a security expert at Quaid-e-Azam university in Islamabad.

    (3)"A training camp could be in the basement of a mosque. Every seminary has an associated training arrangement – they have makeshift equipment and before the security forces can move in they have shifted their arrangements," he says.

    (4) Details of where Mr.Zazi stayed, trained, or with whom he associated during his five-month stay in Pakistan remain sketchy. But Dr. Hussain ventures a guess.

    ‘Why would they arrest Pakistanis’….but where is that Pakistani? (1) The one mentioned in this report by a ‘Christian’ media outlet is an Afghan!

    (2) He was indicted on ‘suspicion of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction’! I believe that the correspondent of this news is either blindfolded by his paymasters with dollars or has no idea what a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ (a term invented during the Bush era) could be. Above all this he received his ‘detailed bomb making instructions’ in Pakistan during his stay of four months only. A totally new twist to reality - since when the Afghans started training in Central or Southern Pakistan? This groundless bogus claim speaks for itself.

    How many Mosques have basements in Pakistan? This basement culture could be an essential part of living in the West and for those who can avail it so that it may be used as a ‘cellar’ but in Pakistan and that also for Mosques on a grand scale is baseless. Why a Mosque should have a basement? I am not refuting this claim totally but Members may recall how many Mosques in Pakistan have basements!

    Afghans who are at ‘war’ since the late 1970s are well versed and well stocked in the use of arms and explosives, not forgetting that this ‘culture’ was bestowed rather imposed on us by the same Afghani brothers who sought refuge in Pakistan after the Russian occupation of Afghanistan.

    Isn’t it more likely that Mr. ZiZi used his stay in Pakistan as a ‘jump’ towards his migration to USA as such opportunities are plenty in Pakistan in comparison with Afghanistan.

    This news item is a ‘negative media campaign’ against Pakistan or not? Lets debate it!

  • samirza, I have to go now but I would leave something for you to ponder. When afghans come to pakistan for such training, it is just too much

  • Yes your acts of posting such material that can be challenged and proven otherwise - that it is nothing more than a 'hate campaign against Pakistanis and Pakistan'.

  • Aqlib,

    You see as I anticipated you kept on diverging to various topics not realizing each one is different from each other.

    That is why I tried to avoid this discussion with you because you just kept changing the subject without giving due study or research.

    Now your question on agreement/disagreement is totally new dimension which after seeing your habit i wont deliberate further.

    good bye.

  • wow why the personal attacks on me by the moderator? Me samirza, you should know that the terrorists nabbed this week also used internet forums and that's how they got caught

  • Not an attack but a rational analysis of the posts and the latent 'intent' for such acts on a Pakistani Political Forum.

  • This post is deleted!