Islam is not in any danger...but Muslims are!

  • Islam is not in any danger…but Muslims are…immediate danger being Modernism!

    Muslims all over the world are facing an adversary in the form of MODERNISM that has colonized almost all civilizations except Islam. Christianity the first to resist desperately was the first to fall victim. The others simply followed blindly but Muslims are standing up till now as modernists are encountering stiff resistance from them.

    Modernism is re-modeling; a renewal according to the ideas of the twentieth century that professes manifold ideals, opinions, and tendencies. From time to time these tendencies work out into systems that are to renew the basis and superstructure of society, politics, philosophy, theology, of the Church and now of Islam in particular.

    Fundamentals of Islam the Quran and Sunnah are intact unlike other religions. Islam is self sufficient, comprehensive and all embracing, not tolerating eclecticism or will compromise with any faith in conflict with its principles telling us what to do and how to do unlike the extant teaching of numerous –isms that are mere fragmentary borrowings, restricted or limited in scope.

    When all what is said is true than the question comes up: why no Islamic leadership emerged from any of the Islamic States? The answers lie with the colonial forefathers of the current modernist regimes like Lord Cromer who in the end of his book ‘Modern Egypt’ states that Imperialistic England is willing to grant freedom to all its colonies provided a generation of brown slaves (politicians and intellectuals) educated by English system of education, are ready to take over but under no circumstances the British were willing to allow freedom to any as an Islamic State.

    A look at the current social structure of post colonial states (former colonies) will lead us to two distinct groups.

    The first are the same Modernists-Western educated elite, although a small fraction, are the remnants of their colonial masters determined to keep their countries on line with western values and systems and beliefs. Our senior politicians, bureaucrats and media backed intellectuals belong to this creed.

    The second belongs to a very large population of Muslim countries. They do not receive a modern education or face direct impact of western culture. Ullama-e-Din also belong to the same class. These people are mostly poor, generally illiterate and hold humble occupations. Most of them are good Muslims but because of their ignorance, regardless of their number are easily deceived as they also happen to be weak and disorganized.

    Hope can be the third and emerging group that by the grace of Allah (ST) belongs to the working class, are educated in the west being thoroughly exposed to the western culture. These are the torch bearers demonstrating their faith and love for Islam in their daily lives and readiness for self-sacrifice to implement their faith. This is the group that possesses the necessary intellect as a weapon to effectively resist the modernist penetration in the Islamic way of life. Such youth are really qualified for the future leadership of the Muslim world and not pretenders as seculars, liberals or modernists that are nothing but a class of opportunity driven hypocrite brown slaves

  • Well written and thought provoking article tells a lot about the current situation of the Muslims and what they need to do with themselves instead of relying on someone else to do the work for them.

  • Almost 98% Muslims, throughout the World, love their religion, Islam, but have been confused to live according to Islam due to different interpretations of Quran.

    One activity is Islamic in Turkey but non-Islamic in Iran?

    One action is Islamic in Pakistan but non-Islamic in Saudi Arabia.

    Muslims Ulemas and Scholars have responsibility to pull a synthesis out of rapidly changing and evolving Modernism.

    This is called Ijtihad. (To cut and figure the cloth according to body structure)

    They are required to get united for drawing a line to end up the centuries old Tug of War in progress to establish Halal and Haram.

    Most of the modern innovations, inventions and requirements of human life could be Islamized what would help to make Musalmans more productive.

    aeeni nau se darna, tarzi kuhan pe ardna

    manzil yehi kathan hai qommon ki zingadi mein

  • I don't think I should agree with you, as your argument falls short of what I have emphasized.

  • I guess I failed to make you understand where I tried to support your point of view that Islam is not in danger but the Muslims.

    I don't believe that acceptance of modernism with modesty could bring any harm to the fundamentals of Islam.

    It would be a total denial of Ijtehad.

    First we need to define the limits and modes of Modernism.

    Negative immoral activities, colonialism and nudity cannot be bracketed with modern education, technology, research and innovations.

    Muslims are in danger due to lack of education in the modern fields.

  • agreed Islam is not in danger.

    Muslims are in danger due to the lack of real islamic leadership and the islamic system.

  • Allah (SWT) states in Quran:


    We have revealed the advice and we WILL protect it.

    God has taken the responsibility on Himself to protect Islam, so dont worry about it.

    Muslims on the other hand are the ones target of so many attacks. These come in so many forms and colors. Modernism is one type of attack, many muslims are falling prey to it. They think that they are the illuminated ones but actually away from the right path. These modern muslims should understand(elite or from other classes) that there is no reason to be on defensive when it comes to religion. Our religion is not against the basic human rights, does not call to kill every non-muslim.....

    The need is to allocate some time from their busy schedules to go through the basic source of Islamic teachings sincerely. My request to this part of our religious society is, "Do not see Islam through the lens of the western "scholars". Check it yourself, you would be amazed to see its beauty and hopefully relieved that you are NAAM LEVA of a good way of life."

  • Our Islamic political parties always remain worried that, according to them, America and West is waging a war against Islam knowing that God has taken the responsibility on Himself to protect Islam.

    So, why the said parties frequently express their worries on every forum? Don't they have trust in God?

  • To the Person who attempted to Translate the Ayah of the Quran.


    I think the ayah which you have quoted is from Surah Hajar Ayah 9


    إِنَّا نَحْنُ نَزَّلْنَا الذِّكْرَ وَإِنَّا لَهُ لَحَافِظُونَ ﴿٩﴾


    Verily We: It is We Who have sent down the Dhikr (i.e. the Quran) and surely, We will guard it (from corruption). (9)

    Translation of Hilali & Khan.

    Its not Islam thats protected its the Quran thats protected. Protection of Islam is for the Muslims to do. Akhi i think you might have meant the Quran.

    Apologies for any harsh words.

    To rest of the folks who have commented on Islam being Protected well bring something which remotely is better than Islam and then we will can argue about it till then sod off.

  • Darn Good Article by Mirza Sahib

    Zahami sahib

    what do you take to be the meaning of Ijetihad ?

  • I don't know the correct and real meanings of Ijtehad.

    I would be glad to learn more about Ijtehad from the real scholars on Islam.

  • Just a few hundred years back the Christians opposed the scientific view that earth is round and it is not the center of solar system.They have learnt from the past mistakes nowadays even the Catholic Church accepts the Evolution as a fact.Muslims on the otherhand are regressing to the dark ages of Christianity.

    We don't have to adopt the western way of life but to deny the science and deprive Muslims from progress is simply a crime in my opinion.

    Of course,the global corporations will try to impose the western culture and ideology on us but it is upto us to be able to differentiate.

    If we keep rejecting science in the name of modernism,we will be the obvious losers.The rest of the world could careless.

    The moderates need to speak up against the fundamentalists.

  • Very well worded opinion by zia m.

    I am glad still there are some wise members like zia m, at the Forum who preach sense and reality but not emotionalism.

  • The funny thing is that Bhangis are comparing european christdom with muslims thinking while in addition to ignoring the ~600 yrs era of muslims in spain;the centre of scientific and free thinking, they also ignore that muslims still think with the same principles and were never rejecting the scientific logic unless its in itself flawed. But its not the Muslims that are controlling the powers to allocate fundings for scientific research,Laws to govern,the power to make decisions,its their Bhangi administrators and their Bhangi Administrators take order from their masters.Hence no research in Muslim countries.Which means that it boils down to the simple fact that Bhangi rulers are the culprits not the religion.Is that so difficult to comprehend for a Bhangi brain? Lets debate on how much efforts common Muslim scientists are putting to make things happen and how they are being failed.Lets debate how bhangis make life a living hell for Muslim scientists who want to work and are not being supported by those Bhangis rather are being harassed cause of the ignorance of those Bhangis.Its not the Mullahs or religion or the ordinary Muslims that have those powers;the power to control fund,the power to control laws,the power to control legislature,the power to administer and rule.So who's is the real culprit?

    Another funny thing is that Bhangis follow the european mantra of criticizing religion cause it was european problem and try to impose their second hand mind set unto muslims that didnt go through that stage in the first place that europeans had gone through.That just shows the infertility of the Bhangi brain and it proves that Bhangi brain is incapable of thinking independently or freely but only under the influence of Bhang they drank by the direct orders from Europeans.

    'Once a slave could always be a slave'

    Dr. crocodile

    Honorary Ph.D,

    Crocodile Institute of Technology

    ps.That message was for the two posters above me.

  • The Muslims will stay in danger unless they struggle to change their position from slave to master.

    Which one would survive?

    Watermelon or knife?

  • "Watermelon or knife?"

    watermelon being muslims? Which muslims? muslim Scientist? or that watermelon is being used for Islam?


  • crocodile,

    Well said, that is a nice post.

    These fellows can't rebut that comprehensive thought.

  • Can't think of any scientific achievement by Muslims for the past 800 years.

    I guess Bhangis have been incharge for too long.

    In last 100 years Jews won 180 Nobel prizes vs 3 by 1.5 billion Muslims.

    We have no shame.

  • So we become jews and then win nobel prizes?

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