Justice in the Islamic State

  • My beautiful religion..

    On justice..Allah Almighty in the Noble Quran commands the Muslims to be just and fair to everyone..

    "O ye who believe! Stand out firmly For justice, as witnesses To Allah, even as against Yourselves, or your parents, Or your kin, and whether It be (against) rich or poor: For Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (Of your hearts), lest ye Swerve, and if ye Distort (justice) or decline To do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted With all that ye do. (The Noble Quran, 4:135)"

    "O ye who believe! Stand out firmly For Allah, as witnesses To fair dealing, and let not The hatred of others To you make you swerve To wrong and depart from Justice. Be just: that is Next to Piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted With all that ye do. (The Noble Quran, 5:8)"

    "But if anyone earns A fault or a sin And throws it on to one That is innocent, He carries (on himself) (Both) a falsehood And a flagrant sin. (The Noble Quran, 4:112)"

    "Allah commands justice, the doing Of good, and liberality to kith And kin, and He forbids All shameful deeds, and injustice And rebellion: He instructs you, That ye may receive admonition. (The Noble Quran, 16:90)"

    "...Help ye one another In righteousness and piety, But help ye not one another In sin and rancour: Fear Allah: for Allah Is strict in punishment. (The Noble Quran, 5:2)"

    "And if ye do catch them out, Catch them out no worse Than they catch you out: But if ye show patience, that is indeed the best (course) For those who are patient. (The Noble Quran, 16:126)"

    There is a mistranslation: The Arabic word for "ye do catch them out" is "aaqabtum" which literally means "punish" or "to punish". The correct and more accurate translation is as follows:

    "And if ye punish, then punish as ye were punished (by them). But if ye show patience, that is indeed the best (course) For those who are patient. (The Noble Quran, 16:126)"

    As we clearly see in all of the Noble Verses above, Muslims must not take sides and be prejudice when it comes to justice. A Muslim is commanded by Allah Almighty to stand out for Justice even if it's against his own child. Injustice is not tolerated in Islam and Allah Almighty promised those who deliberately do injustice a great punishment in Noble Verse 4:112 above.

  • Mashallah, Now can anybody present any substential rules for justice in secularism????

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  • Do not confuse the Westoxicated standards at Justice with Taliban. The girl accepted she was in house with man who was not his hasband. You tell what SHOULD be her puneshment?

    As per Shariah, this is the puneshment of Zani and Zania. It was in Swat and recarded by Dawn news channel. It is english channal of Pakistan:


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  • brothers, please try to ignore netengr here. he is just trying to derail the topic. SWAT has no relevance to the topic because it was neither an Islamic state and nor did anyone say that it was an Islamic state.

    the discussion here is about the judicial system in an Islamic state. please try to stick on the topic

  • netengr is one of those confused muslims who believe that Islam has no provisions on rule, justice or economic.

    It is just bunch of personal based rituals that can be practiced without any need for authority of islam.

  • sorry migel9, some shumali itehad hirwanchi supporter is trying to hijack your thread. i fully agree with revivalist that there is no true judicial system but in islam. aside from that after all hz umar rz. set up this system we call court system.

  • In fact the seculars have developed a behavior of hiding behind 'Mullah' and some fake videos of so called Taliban. When you ask for apples they give you oranges!!! Secularism has been defeated on all fronts that’s why have resorted to severe violence across the globe through direct and indirect means.....


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  • Just as Secularism is providing guidance on way of life, Islam also provides guidance on way of life. Pick a question that Islam has no guidance upon?

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  • When they failed to assimilate local population in their melting pot they resorted to draconian laws that are against the creed of secularism.

    When they failed to get compromise from a sovereign state they invaded it on false pre-text.

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  • RS,

    Thanks God that you agreed to something!!! Anyways you said “I didn't know before that Islam is an ideology just like communism” Please try to understand things in its right prospective. I never said Islam is an ideology just like communism. I said “like other ideologies i.e. communism and Islam” which does not mean that both of them are same but the commonality between them is that they claim to be IDEOLOGIES. FYI Islam is a DEEN which mean a way of life an ideology that covers every aspect of life. Any system that claims to be an ideology in itself means that they are claiming comprehensiveness otherwise they are not!!!!

    “An ideology is a set of aims and ideas that directs one's goals, expectations, and actions. An ideology can be thought of as a comprehensive vision, as a way of looking at things”.


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