Lets Debate- Hurdles in Scientific research in Muslim Countries!

    Why muslims are not able to give unique scientific advances in technology.Is it the inherent lack of research enthusiasm caused the religion Islam?

    The funny thing is that Bhangis are comparing european christdom with muslims thinking while in addition to ignoring the ~600 yrs era of muslims in spain;the centre of scientific and free thinking, they also ignore that muslims still think with the same principles and were never rejecting the scientific logic unless its in itself flawed. But its not the Muslims that are controlling the powers to allocate fundings for scientific research,Laws to govern,the power to make decisions,its their Bhangi administrators and their Bhangi Administrators take order from their masters.Hence no research in Muslim countries.Which means that it boils down to the simple fact that Bhangi rulers are the culprits not the religion.Is that so difficult to comprehend for a Bhangi brain? Lets debate on how much efforts common Muslim scientists are putting to make things happen and how they are being failed.Lets debate how bhangis make life a living hell for Muslim scientists who want to work and are not being supported by those Bhangis rather are being harassed cause of the ignorance of those Bhangis.Its not the Mullahs or religion or the ordinary Muslims that have those powers;the power to control fund,the power to control laws,the power to control legislature,the power to administer and rule.So who's is the real culprit?

    Another funny thing is that Bhangis follow the european mantra of criticizing religion cause it was european problem and try to impose their second hand mind set unto muslims that didnt go through that stage in the first place that europeans had gone through.That just shows the infertility of the Bhangi brain and it proves that Bhangi brain is incapable of thinking independently or freely but only under the influence of Bhang they drank by the direct orders from Europeans.

    'Once a slave could always be a slave'

    Dr. crocodile

    Honorary Ph.D,

    Crocodile Institute of Technology

    ps.That message was for the two posters above me.

    (on the fun side another question could be

    2-Why Bhangis are not able to give unique scientific advances in technology? Is it because of the influence of Bhang or the smell in the gutter?)

  • Promoters and patrons of opium are the real culprits who sucked out and blocked the creative capabilities of the Muslims.

    This is all inside job.

    No outsider should be blamed for the sedation.

  • So you agree that Bhangis are the real culprits?


    ps. Offcourse insiders!Normally can be called traitors too!And normally they are ruling gutter elites too.Selling their bodies and souls for money under the same Bhang influence.

  • zjshami is borrowing thoughts from communist ideology without knowing.

  • typo correction:Why muslims are not able to give unique scientific advances in technology ? Is it the inherent lack of research enthusiasm caused BY the religion Islam?

  • Look at the encouragement a person receive for doing something better for his people. Dr. AQ khan is the living example and "the tip of the iceberg" which is found but the whole iceberg is yet unseen. In the recent carry logger bill Pakistani government agreed that they will give an access to United Snakes to do direct investigation from Dr. AQ Khan.... Kya Ab koi pakistani jurat karay ga koi scientific kam karnay ka?????

    Besides, I believe we as human beings need food, clothes and shelter in the first place... What is the use of those scientific inventions/discoveries that are meant to destroy the humanity? What is the use of those discoveries that are devoid of any betterment for the humanity i.e. despite immense advancement in the means of production of agricultural goods; over 1 billion people are hungry in the world!!!! Killing, murdering, looting, state terrorism etc etc are on its peak.....

    Islam not only believes in production but equally emphasize on distribution unlike capitalism which solely believe in production and for distribution rely on “trickle down effect” which is yet to be seen……

  • Promoters and patrons of opium are the real culprits who sucked out and blocked the creative capabilities of the Muslims.

    Wrong example! Thats utterly misleading. Opium was used with an intention to subdue a civilization and this attempt was called 'the opium war'.(British were the culprits)

    The same civilization is giving the post colonial modernists a hard time as CHINA!

    The Russians led the way in Afghanistan as Russia is one of the main conduits used by drug smuggling cartels. Russia taught them how to convert opium into heroine and thus increase their profits many folds.

    Now I may add something to this topic further; that opium in another form is being induced into our society by modernists as 'porn' in print and graphic both. This amounts to 'zaihni ayyashi' a form of 'metha zeher' to mislead/misguide our youth, away from anything productive or positive.

  • An interesting project initiated. Contributions of Muslim civilization that are systematically delinked today.


  • Hurdles in Scientific research in Muslim Countries!

    "Where there is a will, there is a way"

  • Yea but what we have is "there is will, but there is a zardari in way sponsored by imperial secularists"

  • Very good, Dear JJ Khan

    I wish and pray that Allah Almighty remove "zardari in way sponsored by imperial secularists", so that new era of hope and prosperity for we Muslims could become possible.

    By the way I shall be out soon from this forum, in search for 'bread & butter', please do not label me as 'run away'.


  • Will you be gone for ever in pursuit of bread & butter?

  • Do you wish so?

    I don't wish so for you. I am not paid to be here for posting comments.


  • I enjoy your comments so I'll miss you! I was saying that I wont label you run away if you go temporarily and come back and review your threads and respond.

  • "Where there is a will, there is a way"

    There is no way as long as Bhangis are administrators or till they are removed from these important decision making posts from all institutes specially the Army.

    And if they or you say that there is no will then let me tell you,Give me the funds and power to make decisions I would take the first-ever Pakistani to space!!! I have the determination and the required knowledge and the courage to gather a team that can make it happen!!!!!

    (though i myself wont go there cause imagine if the calculations are flawed?Then We are screwed!(lol...just kiddin) But dont lose hope cause we have lot of Bhangis who can easily be manipulated to take up this mission as the astronaut!i will convince Bhangi to take this courageous step by saying "oh sir ji imagine karein....you can fly in space with your muscle power cause there is no gravity there" Bhangi would say "really?" And I would say "kasam sey!!!"And if the first attempt is screwed while re-entring earth's atmosphere then we have nothin to lose except few million dollars and a Bhangi or few of them.But that would make us improve our calculations and co-ordinates so that we dont repeat it!! We have lot of Bhangis who can serve science for this purpose!!!!!!..Are you one of them and are you ready?)

  • Thotha channa, Baajay Ghanna.

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