A Muslim's Questions from Mumbai.

  • hursday, September 24, 2009


    Diminished US President Lectures to the World at UN

    Another fine piece of rousing oratory and US President had done his bit for the day. He rushed out of the UN premises as if his tail was on fire. In fact, his oratorical high notes were drowned by behind the scene guffaws he earned for trying to tame Israel and falling on his face. Weeks his special envoy has spent in Israel, feeding media with daily photo ops shaking hands with Israel’s indomitable hard-line Prime Minister but there was no news if the Mount Sinai moved even a measly centimeter. And still Barack Obama soldiered on. Though Obama has much tougher challenges testing his mettle, Israel stands out as the barometer to the world of US President’s limits of credibility. If he cannot tackle America’s most lauded ‘ally’, to fall in line with his worldview, the stark gossamer fragility of his presidency could only generate derision among his detractors and pity in his admirers.

    Time is flying and given the past record of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, delays and procrastination favour only one side that has dragged on the peace process of any kind for the last forty years. The drama starts with the every new US President taking office and ends with the end of his presidency, with Israel using the interregnum to dug in more and more in ways that would leave hardly any thing left to negotiate. Obama has come with a bold new commitment to change the US and the world with it. But half a way in his first 4-year presidency, he has barely touch the contours of war in Afghanistan, a monumental economic recession, his pet project of universal health care, and the way his cards are played out, he seems to be playing more of a bluff game than a winning hand.

    Israel has cleverly positioned Iran as the most pressing issue for the world to come to terms with while it merrily whips up its assembly line in West Bank creating facts on the ground. The UN sponsored Goldstone report on war crimes in Gaza is snowed under by Jewish dominated world press’s cabalist propaganda of bias, even though the South African judge, Richard Goldstone is himself a Jew and a self-confessed Israel supporter. The dire train of event that may land Israel in International Court of Justice at The Hague is so alarming to Israel that it has mounted a concerted attempt to discredit the Human Rights report.

    The worst part is that even the Muslim governments around the world are so insensitive to the plight of their brethrens in Gaza; there is no world-wide move to get Israel into the docks for its most horrendous crimes on Palestinian civilians including children, women and old people.

    President Obama is seized of the fact that war on Al Qaeda could not get any support from even the well meaning masses in the Muslim world, unless US makes Israel-Palestine settlements its number one priority. Israel will use every trick in the trade to turn world focus away from its rape of Palestinian entity, in any shape it tries to survive. It is up to Barack Obama not to be taken in by Israeli ruses to postpone the inevitable as far into the future as possible. It is for the US, to realize how its acts of commission and omission are encouraging Israel to lead a life of an outlaw nation that thrives in defying international laws and committing genocidal attacks on hapless Muslims of Palestine.

    Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai



  • Good questions that expose the puppets imposed on masses.

  • Time for this gentile nation to free itself from zionist yoke of fraud.Good luck O.America is a captured nation of zionism.Sad story..The empire is dying..