Ok This might be another halal haram debate.

  • Opening cinemas and shrines in Swat

    MINGORA: Film shows and other forms of entertainment returned to Swat district on Monday, after about three years.

    On the first day of Eid a new Pashto film was released in two cinema halls which ran three daily shows.

    Authorities did not allow the late-night show because of curfew. Another cinema house is likely to reopen in a few days.

    People queuing up to buy tickets for ‘Gul Soorey Soorey Kram’ had to undergo a thorough body search.

    On Tuesday, police had to use batons to disperse a large crowd which had gathered outside a cinema. Because of the disturbance the first two shows at the hall were cancelled.

    Entertainment business in Swat suffered huge losses over the past three years.

    The Taliban had forced dancers and musicians and owners of video and audio shops to either abandon their work or leave the district.

    Early this year, they killed dancer Shabana and hung her body from a lamppost in a chowk.

    Pakistani army also opened shrine of "Peer baba"





  • They had no authority to do all what they did, simple as that.

  • NNL

    Any implemenation of law can be done only and only by competent authority. not by xyz .

    If we go by Talibani logic, what will happen if tomorrow prostitutes get enough power / guns and want to implement their version of islam or laws ?

  • @NNL

    Apparently Islam "allows" all these Haraam things in other tourist venues like Murree, Lahore etc.

    I think its about time the molvis start apply sharia to these places and maybe butcher a few people on Mall Road (Murree) and in Anar-Kali (Lahore) for not following Islam.

  • No group of persons could be allowed to establish a State within a State.

    A group would have to capture the sovereignty of the State through constitutional and legal process to impose its manifesto, philosophy and policy.

  • Banning porn in public cinemas is right, banning cinema is not but ONLY by government.

    Banning or unbanning either of them by any non-government body is illegal and must not be allowed. If taliban ban porn movies where I live, I will go and purchase every single porn movie and openly display it on the streets.

    (now that is rhetoric. I am not that brave and I certainly dont want to get killed in public, but ideally I would have encouraged everyone to do that)

    We must allow and provide Swatis and NWFP people some form of entertainment, be it cinema or sports. Shariat aur Islam kay naam pay onn kee zindagi azab karna chor doo. yeh log aik ghutay hoey society mein rah rahay hein, onn ko zinda rahnay kay liyay kuch taza hawa doo.

  • ان غلاموں کا یہ مسلک ہے کس ناقض ہے کتاب

    کہ سکھاتی نہیں مومن کو غلام کے طریق

  • Has Pakistan become a slave nation?Under demented zaradari..

  • Pakistan is, and always have been, a slave nation. We are slaves of poverty, lack of education, health services, clean water, extremism and exploitation of people in the name of religion or nationalism for political purpose. These internal slaveries are much worse than the external slaveries of US, USSR, China or any other world power.

  • I am not a fan of Cinema especially Pashto cinema, but what I liked is that Swat people had something to do (freely).

    It was like symbolism of liberty from illegal, cruel , Senseless, unislamic occupation of Swat. So I loved it.

    It is prohibited in Islam that is a separate issue and discussion.

  • Obaid bhai i agree and i have had also mentioned in my post htat i dont agree with the way of Taliban at all. the way they conducted their bussiness. but is that what the people of Swat wanted in the name of freedom.

    Porn and Cinemas showing near porn ?

    Is that the price of Freedom or one has to totally neglect religion to gain acceptance in the world.

    I m not a taliban supporter and i kinda believe them to be the modern day khawarijites ( a work in progress in my mind i might be wrong though )

  • Maybe most people have forgotten but the idea of freedom of religion comes from the Holy Qur'an Surah Al-Baqarah; Aayah 256, "Let there be NO COMPULSION in DEEN (the way of life i.e., Islam)".

  • Have you read the tafsir of the Ayah ?

    If you have would you care to expand on it.

  • Nahi Maulana. I haven't read the Tafseer but I am sure you must have.

    Does the tafseer contradict the Qur'an to say that there should be compulsion in Deen? Or does it say that it was applicable to the people of the time of the prophet only and not applicable now? I'd really like to know.

  • aimal khan

    Compulsion of deen is one thing and "freedom of religion" is another thing. Both are different concepts and you are confusing the two by mixing them together.

    Concept of freedoms has specific meaning, don't take it out of context.

    Similarly compulsion of deen also has specific meaning, don't take it out of context.

  • Consider this, according to freedom of religion concept one is free to change religion per his wish.

    But on the contrary, is it allowed in Islam for a Muslim to change his religion to idol worshiping or anything else, is one free?

  • why quote an Ayah when you dont know what the meaning and context it was revealed in ?

    Why say things when you have no clue about which they mean?

    Odd isnt it.

    I would suggest that you go back to the Quran and see the Asbab-e-Nazool of this ayah.

    Then come back and comment on it.

    You may find my post very harsh but its a sincere advice from a Muslim brother to another Muslim brother. one should not speak of things of which one has no knowledge. We all are learning maybe when you come back and tell me what you read and understood maybe i will learn something from you.

  • JJ Khan

    Please educate me if it is allowed in Islam for a Muslim to change his religion, if not why?


  • bebus,

    Are you planning to change yours?

    Try google to educate yourself. Let us stick to the subject and not take my example as subject.

  • JJ Khan

    Thanks for very informative and kind reply.