Where is Moderator ?

  • Our dear moderator closed some threads (including one regarding incident in qasoor phoolnagar) on the pretext of being religious in nature (although i believe at least one of them had nothing to do with religion) , and now multiple new relgious / khalifah threads are opened.

    What kind of moderatoration is this ?

  • moderators are very much there .

    and performing their duties .

  • and what is the 'duty' of moderator ?

  • whatever it is .

    we (Myself and Mirza Sahib)know it very well.

    so dont worry .


  • @Beenai

    Can moderator change the title and the text ? My post title and the text was edited and changed yesterday by "some one " and when I asked why it was change mod delete that post .

    This thread I appreciated Imran Khan to participate in election against NS .there was no negative in this thread and may

    Even my thread was not accepted this should be deleted or removed but should not be edited and changed .

    This "edited " post can become the evidence to ban any member

    I do not remember the subject exactly but I posted like " Imran Khan Vs Nawaz shareef on NA123 " and this was changed later by "some one " to "why Imran khan in the race with NS "

  • netengr,

    i really have no idea what thread are u talking about ?

    let me check with Mirza Sahib.

  • I have sent the email to admin@pkpolitics

  • He did said something about the changed title or text.