Is saving democracy more important than saving Pakistan?

  • Opposition keeps repeating that they are playing a positive role in order to safeguard democracy. Isn't check and balances part of democracy. Does democracy mean a blank check to the government for five years?

    What good will come out of supporting democracy if in the end Pakistan loses?

  • Opposition is wrong, democracy is right. Opposition do not understand what democracy means or as usual they are being munafiq which they are. No democracy expects opposition to shut up on national issues in the name of positive role and yet jump up and down on non-issues such as Zardari's ghair mulki doray. N-League is a liar.

    Title of your thread sounds very inaccurate. This kind of statements are used by some politicians to invite their master Kiyani to take over.

  • What good will come out of supporting democracy if in the end Pakistan loses?

    runaway ... please educate us as to how Pakistan can and will win?

  • saving Pakistan is more important.

    and we can save Pakistan,by initiating and supporting True Democracy.

    rather supporting or hating fake democracy.

  • @ALL

    pakistan is just a piece of land for every land belongs to Allah and democracy is against the political,social and economical system of islam. So in both case we will destroy ourselves by saving pakistan or democracy. How we will be safe that is political social and economical system of ISLAM

  • true democracy, fake democracy, parliamentary democracy, presidential democracy......

    nothing will work!

    the only solution is ISLAM

  • Sabzi mandi ki committee main jhagra hogaya ,chanday ka masla ,road ka masla ,police ka masla ,dukan band kernay ka masla ,badmashon ka masla etc etc ,committee kafi saray intezamaat kerti thi kuch achay aur kuch kharabiyan bhi theen .

    Aik molvi sahab aye aur kehnay lagay kay sab intezaamon main sabzi mandi ka nizaam un kay paas hay jo "Islami" hay .iss commitee kay intezam un kay hawalay kiya jayeh

    kiyon kay

    the only solution is Islam

  • "About forms of Government let the fools contend. That is the best which is administered best."

    (Reader's Digest- 1956)

    Nothing would work better to save and improve Pakistan, where people don't respect the Rule of Law.

    There are countries which became stronger and successful with Democracy in its worst form.

    The cause of their success lies in unity, faith, discipline and civic sense of its population.

  • netengr, dont get angry.

    Islam does not give every procedure, methods, modus operandi, work instruction, job specification. Agreed. It does not state anywhere how to run affairs of sabzi mandi. Or nowhere it tells how mechanical engineer would design complex machines. Agreed.


    Islam DOES give basic guidelines. If you want to find basic guidelines for all aspects of your life, you SHALL find.

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  • Just to clarify my point was not that we should go back to army rule. However, do we need this expensive democracy e.g. Rs 22 Million spent on Senators in four months. There is complete absence of checks and balancces.

    Do we need a simpler model where the MNA/MPA dont get so many priveleges and only serve as people spoke person. And it is mandatory for them to spend time in their constituency and attend parliament sessions.

    However, the govt is run by appointed /selected people who are experts in their field.

  • One can not treat patient with virus. Treating Pakistan with democracy is like treating a patient with virus that in fact caused the disease!!!!

    Allah (swt) informs: “Verily we have revealed the book to you in truth for instructing mankind.” [Sura Az-Zumar 39:41]

  • @Revivalist,

    but you have to agree that many of the islamic laws are quite democratic in their nature .

  • Dear Beenai,

    The premise that many of the Islamic laws are quite democratic in their nature is absurd. It shows how much the west and his pawns are successful in putting their words in our mouth. Dear, Islamic laws are Islamic, they are neither communist, capitalist, democratic etc in nature. However I agree that there might be some sort of similarities but yet due to some similarities we can't label Islam as democratic i.e. wolf has four legs, two eyes, one nose etc but we can’t call it sheep. I hope you understand my point.


  • Exploring whole of the circumstantial situation, I get disappointed to conclude that the establishment of Khilafat could never take place at least for a few more centuries.

    A deep rooted anti-Khilafat force and culture would never let the Institution of Khilafat, reemerge.

    The history of Khilafat is also confusing, contradictory and vague.

    Presently no model of Khilafat is available to gauge the comparison and contrast.

    However, it is a very noble, attractive and healthy topic for discussion and debating and good for keeping a section of intellectuals, busy.

  • Debates like these,as shallow as they are, end up wasting everyone's time. No one gets convinced and no one gets to understand anyone's point. It is just like two children fighting and saying, Meray daddy achay nahi, doosraa bacha kahay, nahi meray daddy ziyada achay hein.

    People, if someone is saying democracy does not work then he must provide reasons to back his argument. Similarly, if someone is claiming Islam is the solution then you must explain what is "Islamic system" of government and how democracy is unislamic.

    Arguments like "democracy kafiraana nizaam hai", democracy yahood-o-hanood kee saazish hai does not count.

    There is no "Islamic" system of government. Religion gives guidelines and thats it. Prophet Mohammad's "system" of government i-e- personal rule, does not apply because he had the divine knowledge and divine right to be the head of state. No other person can be trusted with the same amount of power and authority as prophets. Yes, we should follow the guidelines, but "system" of government could be democracy.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    No. There is no need to save democracy which defies the law of the land, that doesn't improve the lives of the people it is ruling over. Illegal democracy doesn't matter.

    What matters is;

    1) Rule of Islam over Muslims of Pakistan, in Pakistan

    2) Rule of LAW that obeys Islam

    I agree with shahzad1924. Islam is the answer to ALL of our problems.

    Islam is a complete way of living our life. Islam has ALL the answers to our problems, be them social, financial, injustice, educational, etc etc, ALL the answers are in Islam.

    We Muslims want to live according to Islam in this country. That is why this country was made.