How Pakistani justice system can be improved

  • Many of us say kay aik bara inquilaab aaey gaa. koi khumeni yaa Castro yaa koi aur joker numa leader aakay aik bohot bara inquilaab laey gaa aur Pakistan kay saray problems solve hojaein gay. Iss liyay we should all sit and wait and curse our leaders.

    Now obviously, this is non-sense. If you look at the history of inqalaabs, none of them were over-night and sudden. Yes, they were over-night in the sense that one night or in one day a group of people or awam dramatically took over government palaces and declared awami raaj but the inquilaab itself takes place over a period of time.

    The "overnight" activity we usually see in inquilaabs is usually just the climax of it. Such climate turns bloody or dramatic when hukmaran fail to realise or identify that the aawmi inquilaab has taken place and they try to supress it but awami inquilaab eventually take over and the activity of taking over usually turns dramatic. So the climax of an inquilaab or a leader emerging as a result of such inquilaab is not inquilaab itself. The real inquilaabs are "awami awakening" that span over a period of time. Without the pre-requisite of awami awakening, all leaders or all inquilabaat are fake, jaali, 2 number and unsustainable.

    For our justice system we were expecting Ch. Iftikhar as a "big leader" jiss kay aatay hee insaaf kaa bol bala ho jaey gaa which obviously did not happen and is not going to take place anytime in near future. Why? because of the reasons I explained in the first paragraph. Our expectation were incorrect because of our inaccurate understanding of inquilaabs. We usually consider the climax part of inquilaab as the whole inquilaab, completely ignoring the pre-requisites of it. In Chief Justice's case there was no "awami awakening". A leader i-e Ch. Iftikhar emerged due to circumstances but there no massive awami awakening to the cause of social justice therefore we do not and should not expect to see any substantial changes in our system.

    However, we can still make it happen. My questions is, how can we improve Pakistani justice system? There should be a way to closely monitor judicial system and judicial rulings or in short a judicial ehtasaab. We also need to institutionalise the system of judicial ehtasaab. Probably a comittee set up to look into awami complaints regarding misconduct of judges ??? There is probably one exisitng now but it is obviously not very effective. So to make it effective we should make it public and make it a part of Parliamentary committees.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Pakistan justice system can be improved in one way;

    1. ALL people of Pakistan adhere to Islam's principles

    Other things that will strengthen it;

    1. Be honest

    with one's own self, to everyone in the surroundings

    1. Live a disciplined life

    Follow principles, rules, laws

    1. Avoid shortcuts, any kind of 'laalach' wali offer (in urdu)

    Other things;

    1) ALL people of Pakistan UNITE for ANY national level causes which benefit this country, its masses, irrespective of what affiliations, mafaad (in urdu), relationships, belongings you have to sacrifice for it.

    1. UNITE for protests, UNITE against any aggression, ANY injustice, irrespective of what affiliations, mafaad (in urdu)

    2. ASK for FAST!!! impartial, across the board investigation of EVERY incident that takes place. DO NOT!!!! believe in here-say. DO NOT!!! believe in ANYTHING untill it is proved that what is being said is the ABSOLUTE truth. REJECT!!!! AVOID!!!! IGNORE!!!! ALL un-proven statements/comments on the matter

  • The CJ was a sort of a revolution but look what the CJ did. The biggest decision was to make the Enunchs legal and the foul was the cap on the PEtrol prices.

    Did we miss the revolution train or was this all staged ?

  • walaikum salam,

    In your punctuation loaded post, I only agree with the last point. Rest are although valid but non-institutionalised and superficial therefore unimplementable.

    It sort of reminds me of that moulvi sahab long time ago. In a friday khutbah he was yelling and screaming at the top of his voice saying "ma'ashi (economic) masla hai??" "bataoo mujh ko, ma'ashi masla hai?? mein batata hoon iss kaa hall. Quran ko nafiz karr doo ma'ashi masla hall hojaey gaa!".

    woh moulvi sahab cheenkh cheenkh kay yahee baat keay jaarahay thayy keay jaarahay thayy.

    This does not make any sense.

    yeh aisay hee hai kay aik bachaa bohot shareer thaa aur apni maa ko bohot tangg karta thaa. woh maa apnay bachay ko lay kay kisi sianay kay pass jaey aur kahay kay janab mein bohot parayshaan hoon, mera bacha bohot shareer hai, aap kuch aisaa bataein kay meri parayshaani khatam hojaey. iss maslay kay jawab mein woh siaana kahay "agar tumhara bacha shararat chor day aur acha bacha bann jaey tou tumhari parayshani khatam hojaey gee" .

    Now you tell me, what kind of answer is that? Does that help??

  • it can be only improved by

    Transparency .

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,


    • credible ammount of people want to be good

    • these kind of people are brave, fear nothing except ALLAH ALMIGHTY

    • people are ready for sacrifices, in the name of ALLAH ALMIGHTY

    • these kind of people have reigns of the nation

    there is no hope of EVER establishing justice system.

  • over all every system depends on Justice.

    and if the justice is there and transparent too .

    then things start taking right shape at their own.

  • In order to improve justice system we need to improve socio-political, economic and education system of the state, as each one of it strengthen the other. Besides, it is impossible to change one with out the other. Pakistan is the best example of this, as we are quite rich resource wise but due to capitalism which lacks distribution, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. In addition, recently in the sugar crises the verdict of the courts was that the sugar mill owners should reduce the price of the sugar, in response to which the government said, the judiciary should now implement his rule we can’t!!!!!

    We need a radical change and radical ideological change, nothing less then that can solve our problems.

    Allah (swt) informs: “Verily we have revealed the book to you in truth for instructing mankind.” [Sura Az-Zumar 39:41]

  • @Haris,

    You say, credible amount of people want to be "good", "brave" people, "fear'of allah, "ready to sacrifice" are the qualities we need to establish a good justice system. Again, very superficial. How can you measure any of these qualities? How an you tell before hand which person posess these qualities or not. How about you trust some person with these abstract qualities and then he suddenly lose those qualities. What will you do then?

    Please, these are very superficial, un institutionalised and unimplementable solutions. They dont help at all.

  • Justice system of Pakistan can be improved by synchronizing it with belief system of the masses upon which it is applied.

    Masses believe in one thing while another is applied on them which results in creating hypocrites.

  • Instant Justice will improve it faster.

    Make it Fair, Fast and Just and you will improve the society faster than you can imagine.

  • Verdicts like this are setting a good precedent. Not a bad start?

    SJC recommends sacking Justice Afzal on misconduct

    ISLAMABAD: Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) declared Justice Afzal Soomro to have committed misconduct, Geo News reported Saturday.

    According to Geo News correspondent, the SJC has decided to send to the President Asif Ali Zardari the reference of dismissal of Justice Afzal from the service under Article 209 of the constitution.

    The charges against Justice Afzal regarding corruption and altering the records have been proved; on which Afzal has been convicted of misconduct after SJC mulled over the case in four hearings.

    It should be mentioned that Justice Afzal Soomro did not appear before the SJC’s three hearings, despite repeatedly called by the SJC.

    A statement of this verdict has also been issued here. According to the statement, the chief justices of all the high courts were present in the SJC meeting.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @bsobaid: What did Muhammad (SAW) do, In the era when he was born? He established his credibility through living his life as an example, among those same people for the first 40 years of his life. THEN, when he had established his credibility, ALLAH ALMIGHTY gave him the task to take up Prophet-hood.

    Suddenly? If you have NO non-promiscuous people in your society, then there is ZERO hope of survival of this society.

    I believe, we have A LOT of people with good credibility in this nation. That is why ALLAH ALMIGHTY hasn't inflicted capital punishment on this nation, as yet.