Ahmadinejad 1, Couric 0

  • Last week, Katie Couric had the tables turned on her. During an interview with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Couric asked about Neda Soltan, the Iranian female who was shot and killed by Iranian security back in June.

    After expressing his regret for the loss of life, Mr. Ahmadinejad pulled out a photo of another woman. He showed it to Ms. Couric and asked if she knew who the woman was. Couric said she didn't, and that's when Ahmadinejad pounced.

    Ahmadinejad explained that the woman in the photo is Marwa Ali El-Sherbini. She was stabbed to death in a German court by a neo-Nazi. The Iranian president then asked why the death of Ms. El-Sherbini wasn't being publicized by the media in the same way as Neda's. Ahmadinejad "suggested that the western media — who turned Neda into a martyr — ignored Marwa's story."


  • Long live Ahmedinajad!!!!!!!!!

    He is no saint, but he shows the characteristics devoid in every other Muslim leader of any significant State, these are: self-confidence, ghairat, pride of his nationality and having both feet in the 'real world'.

    Jeeye Ahmedinajad!

  • Ahmadinijaat has only ability which is making him popular is he is ani USA and anti Isreal .this is very good way to be inpower and fooling people as Ghaddafi has been fooling his people since 40 years

  • Ahmadineyad is a great muslim leader of a great/diciplined muslim nation.

  • netengr sometime u say quite right thing although it is due to ur agenda here on the forum

  • -Very true - National pride, self confidence and ghairat makes him outstanding among the current rulers of the Muslim world who are not nobles but mere puppets placed as head of states to forward Western values and principles.

    -Well said - Yes as of his track record, he can rightfully be called a great Muslim leader of a great disciplined Muslim nation

    -Ahmedinijad is not fooling anyone but has demonstrated his ability to turn the tide in his favor using the same tool of his adversaries against them, and that also very effectively.

    -To be critical of enemies of one’s nation is a matter to be proud of. Not all may be gifted with this quality.

    -Ahmedinijad and Qaddafi cannot be said as of the same stock because the former is elected and not a stooge of Western powers since long, like Qaddafi is.

  • ok here is a good theory.

    Qaddafi broke down after the airstrike that killed his daughter and made up with US became their stooge.

    Iran, i have a feeling is the biggest stooge in the ME right after KSA of the Jews. For some reason, it always has been the policy of the few elite jews to deceive their own people.

    The War Chants were first against arabs that they have occupied the lands and what the heck not now the biggest thorn is IRan which is not even Arab. Ridiculous isnt it.

    So me thinks Iran will be the biggest letdown for the Shias in the future will be their Government and its partly Israeli favorite.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I agree Oriel, Long live Ahmedinajad!!!!!!!!!

    He is the only leader within Muslim nations who talked about Marwa Ali El-Sherbini.

    Long live Ahmedinajad!!!!!!!!! for this.

    I LOVE him for this.

  • Today, if there is any disciplined Muslim nation on this earth, from whom West is really afraid of, it is Iran. We, though possess Nuclear Bomb but our people neither have the will nor the courage to stand against west.

  • I guess you are mistaken over there BEbus.

    Its our own standings that we are being targeted such extensively.

    In comparison to Iran we have had more military accomplishments in the Muslim World that Iran even cant compare.

    We are being destroyed from within.

    Its always healthy to keep all the opposition in one place so one can know when and where to respond

  • Despite our capable Army, Pakistan cannot fight a war for more than a few days because of its weak and dependent economy. Iran fought war with Iraq (unfortunately) for years due to their self sufficient economy and their resolve to win. It is not only the nuclear bomb that counts.

    What do you think Mr NNL? I am sure you will not agree.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Economy wise Pakistan was quite a stronger candidate 2-3 decades ago. If you compare with the current situation yes i will agree that Pakistan might be not that strong enuf to hold down the fort.

    Ergo my point we are being destroyed from within.

    PS if you remove Oil from IRan they wont have much to fight with.

  • Talking of Iran and I would like to correct bebus. Bhai, Iran during eight years of war with Iraq was supported by Pakistan and UAE. Munitions and foodstuff loaded shipments left the ports of Pakistan and UAE for eight long years. Iraq was the one who was supported by the Arabs (UAE as per its trade relations and the number of traders Iranian by origins remains an exception).

    If you have observed the actual scale of war it would be obvious that by an occasional artillery fire through medium range guns including the use of mortar guns (a gross misuse of this weapon being used for open terrain while the sole purpose of this gun is for use in mountain warfare) it has never been on a large scale. Such wars can be pulled on for years on end and still remain sustainable.

    War between India and Pakistan has been and is a totally different matter. The amount of ammunition and military hardware in use even if the wars have been for few days of weeks, is immense. Simply put there is no comparison.

    As far as the military capability of Pakistan is concerned, and if you care for to visit a military site from India they will show you the true picture, or better still other military websites but not of Pakistan will still help in alleviating the misconception you may have about your own army. Correct me if I am wrong, but it appears to me that you speak of as you have heard or read through the media and not of your own experience. Now do not come up with 1971 at the background and operatives of that trap of a war calls for a whole new thread.

    Iran is still standing proud to its stand, and what ever the media is saying is nothing but same old rants of denuclearization. Why only Iran, why not Israel also another nuclear presence in the Middle East. It was very witty of Ahmedinijad to keep a photo of Marwa Ali ready at hand. He is a clever man.

  • interesting info there Mirza sahib regarding the type of warfare

  • Ahmadine nijad, may Allah give him a long life ameen.


    His roots are in the iranian people, unlike our VULTURE criminal coward joksters leaders who cannot stop visiting

    Their masters embassy.

  • Mirza Sahib

    I don’t have slightest doubt about the capability of our Army. What I was saying is that today’s wars are more the war of economies than war of armies. And we are lagging behind in this respect. Furthermore, it is very unfortunate that our army had to encounter another war from within the country due to our imprudent friends, which is adversely affecting the capability of our army. The involvement of Army in the politics of Pakistan is yet another weak point for the morale of soldiers. Otherwise, we have the best army of the world, without any doubt.

  • Agreed. The last line calls for another debate/s like:

    'involvement of Army in Politics'


    'What effects the morale of a soldier'.

    They can be good topics and according to the current situation that prevails in Pakistan at this very moment.

  • Good one, Sir Ahmedi-nejad!



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