N-League kaa intekhaabi nishaan - Bakree

  • Sher kaa intekhaabi nishaan inn pay jachtaa nahi hai.

    inn ko iss ko change karr kay bakree karr daynaa chahiyay.

    inn kee party bhi bakree party hai aur inn kaa leader tou bohot hee bara bakree hai. darpook kahein kaa.


    Please read the following press release by N-League minister


    GEO Pakistan

    Nawaz, Rashid in danger in by-polls: Sanaullah

    Updated at: 2001 PST, Friday, October 02, 2009

    Nawaz, Rashid in danger in by-polls: Sanaullah LAHORE: Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Friday said there is potential threat to the lives of Mian Nawaz Sharif in Lahore and Sheikh Rashid in Rawalpindi; accordingly, Punjab government requested for postponement of by-elections.

  • N-League walay accuse BB of deals.

    When BB shaheed returned, the Taliban situation was 10 times worse than today. She used to openly criticise Taliban (unlike Shareef) and there were direct threats against her life.

    Remember she said "yeh log chahtay hein hamaray parcham Swat mein naa rahay, aur Malakand mein naa rahay". She said that on her return to Karachi and at that time there was no news of Fazlullah. Swat was not even on the map and she had the courage and insight to say that at that time.

    (Pls dont forget that N-League spokespersons including Hamid Meer used to say that BB is unaware of ground realities becase she has been abroad from so long. The same Hamid Meer used to say at that time, TAliban can never come out of FATA)

    So these N-Leaguers and other Zia baaqiaat accuse BB of deals and now their kaghazi sher kee election larnay kaa naam suntay hee shalwar geeli hogaee.

    inn se bara baysharam, munafiq aur darpook koi hosakta hai??

    yeh log Zardari kee baat kartay hein. oss ne 12 years jail mein guzaar deay. aur aik yeh hai bakree Nawaz Shareef. 2 din mein hee Adyaala jail mein zorr zorr se roo raha thaa.

    o bhai yeh kiss qism kaa leader hai?? itnaa darpook aur munafiq leader tou kahin dekhaa naa sunaa.