Firdous Aashiq Awan lands from frying pan into the fire

  • ISLAMABAD: A federal minister, reprimanded by the PPP high command for using ‘non-parliamentary language’ against a woman parliamentarian on a TV talk show, has now been accused of being involved in human trafficking.

    Federal Minister for Population Welfare Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan of the PPP has been accused of tampering her Nadra records by adding two boys and one girl as her siblings and helping them in securing visas for Italy. The three are now in Italy.

    Initially, she expressed ignorance of the case, but later put the blame on one of the staff working for her when she was a parliamentary secretary in the PML-Q government. She has switched over to the People’s Party because of differences with leaders of her former party.

    Nadra officials claim that no changes could be made in the records of Form-B without personal appearance of a registered citizen.

    The form contains complete information of family members.

    'One of my staffers is involved in the scam and I have already registered a complaint against him,' Ms Awan told DawnTV.

    She also denied receiving a cheque for Rs0.5 million which was issued in her name by a travel agent, Tahir.

    According to sources at the Federal Investigating Agency, which is investigating the scandal, the FIA took up the issue at its own and Ms Awan never registered a complaint in this regard.

    PPP sources said that Ms Awan was about to lose her ministry after allegedly using un-parliamentary language against the woman legislator, but managed to secure it after offering an apology over the incident.

    'This time story is altogether different and if it is proved that she was directly involved in human trafficking, the party will have no other option but to expel her,' they added.

    A PML-N MNA, Haji Pervez, was recently forced to resign when his involvement was proved in an examination scandal.

    'A similar action could not also be ruled in this (Ms Awan’s) case,' the PPP sources said.

    When Farahnaz Ispahani, spokesperson for PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari, was contacted for comments on the development, she promised to get back after some time but did reply to any call when this scribe repeatedly tried to contact her again.

  • Most of the senior leaders of PML-Q including Chaudry brothers are human traffickers. In fact Shujat's brother wajahat(of Wajahat force fame) was even busted and arrested at Gatwick airport in london after landing there in a flight from Spain after Spanish security agencies had tipped the brits that a major human smuggler is headed your way.

  • Almost all of our parties have all sort of criminals in their ranks. It is difficult for these parties to win election as they have to rely on these ghundas and criminals. Take example of PML(N). So many scandals about their members. Still they are not ashamed of this.

    After a few days, Dr. sahiba would be saying "yeh mere siasi mukhalfeen ka kam hai" Wait and see.

  • we come to that conclusion after watching series of incidents like this .

    PPP is no more a party but a bunch of clowns.

  • Sometimes I think that why educated people are not coming to politics. They are afraid, they can give harsh comments from behind their laptops only. If they have to solve any problem on the ground, then they shrug off or hide in their cosy bedrooms.

    We simply wish that the people like Dr. Awan are out of our political arena. But we wish that somebody else should clean this political mess for us, then we would come out and live in a healthy, corruption free country. We pray for revolution but dont want to be a part of revolution. This way Dr. Awan and other clowns would keep on ruling us.